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Everything About Apple’s iOS 17 Update

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Apple has finally rolled out its much-awaited update for iOS 17, loaded with a plethora of sophisticated security and privacy features.

Among the latest arsenal of security features of iOS 17, Apple has developed the Extended Reach of the Lockdown Mode. The manufacturers had designed the Lockdown Mode to secure users against spyware attacks.

In the latest version, this feature has received a major upgrade. Now, it extends its protective feature to include Apple Watch, in addition to Mac devices, iPads, and iPhones. This upgrade can be deemed timely indeed, considering the recently exposed vulnerabilities on the Apple Watch.

Enhanced Anti-Web Tracking Capabilities of iOS 17

In iOS 17, users get an advanced anti-web tracking feature in the Safari browser. This feature strips tracking information from web addresses. This complicates the process for advertisers and websites to uniquely identify users across the web and track them.

Individuals working in high-risk professions like human rights defenders, journalists, and activities would find these enhanced features gratifying.

Users can activate this feature while they privately browse the internet or apply it to all their browsing activities. With this feature, private browsing would be locked by default.

This requires the users to authenticate their identity through facial recognition or scanning fingerprints before they gain access to private tabs. The high level of security ensures optimal protection of sensitive information.

The innovative phishing-resistant password replacement of Apple, Passkeys, has undergone an update in iOS 17. Interestingly, Passkeys continues to gain popularity across various services and sites like Google, Apple, PayPal, and Microsoft.

With the latest update in iOS 17, users can share their passwords and passkeys with their family members and friends. This is backed by end-to-end encryption for enhanced protection, which implies that only designated individuals can access the credentials.

Protecting iOS 17 Users with Check-In Safety Features

The new update of iOS 17 has introduced the ‘Check In’ Feature. It is a novel concept that enables iPhone users to automatically notify someone when they’ve reached a particular location.

Let’s say you’re traveling, and you want to send an update to your spouse when you’ve landed. Open the Messaging app, choose the recipient, tap on More, and then choose Check In. you can now choose to send the Check in either at a particular time or “when you arrive” at a particular location.

The location data shared via Check-In is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring enhanced privacy.

Choose the latter option and select your destination (say, the airport where you’ll be landing). Now, the iPhone will automatically send your spouse an update when you’ve landed.

Thus, you can enhance your safety and eliminate the need for third-party apps that can potentially sell their location details to advertisers.

For users unable to attend a call, the Live Transcription feature converts the voicemail left by the caller into real-time text, which is displayed on the screen. Thus, you can still pick up the call while the caller is leaving the voicemail, considering the relevance or importance of the message.

Personalize Your Calls with Contact Posters in iOS 17

In iOS 17, the inclusion of Contact Posters redefines personalization for phone calls. These are dynamic calling cards that allow users to add style to their calls.

For names in Chinese and Japanese, these posters are presented in vertical layouts.

You can customize the contact image or use emojis along with your desired typography. This image would appear on the receiver’s screen, replacing the traditional caller IDs.

In iOS 17, users enjoy more freedom in how they want their images to be viewed, tweaking the font, images, and colors. Besides, third-party developers can also use these Contact Posters using APIs, which makes this feature available to VoIP apps too.

The latest upgrade to Apple’s operating system brings about crucial enhancements in the FaceTime and the Phone app. Now, Facetime allows users to record and share video messages in case their FaceTime call wasn’t received.

Standby Mode

Apple integrated iOS 17 with the StandBy mode. This is a revolutionary lock screen feature that offers quick information when your iPhone charges on its side.

This smart display adapts to low light, soothingly in night mode. StandBy enhances convenience, providing at-a-glance insights without the need to unlock your device. Whether it’s checking notifications, time, or other essentials, the efficiency of StandBy remains unmatched.

All these advanced security and privacy features in iOS 17 reflect Apple’s commitment to drawing a strong line of defense against cyber threats.

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