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Ronald Hanaki
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Those of you who have read Dissonance’s debut article on personal digital assistants know the utility of these devices. Back in October, Fortune magazine had a story on HandSpring’s announcement of the VisorPhone, an add-in module that transformed the HandSpring Visor into a handheld computer and phone. November saw the first MIDI synthesizer for the Palm as well as a new “Palm Vx Millenium Edition.” On December 20, id East End offered the Accent III which is a stylus pen for the Palm III series of PDAs. You can buy this item straight from id-ee direct. The Accent III claims to be 50% lighter than previous pens and features an aluminum grip in red, gold, and silver colors. It supports the Palm III, IIIc, WorkPad30, and TRGPro with Palm V and Visor compatibility coming next year.

All this talk of Palm devices brought along the Christmas day launch of PDASquare. In addition to a Palm and PocketPC freeware section, they offer a number of articles that may interest you such as a Palm buyer’s guide and reviews of the ShadowPlan Outliner and Visor Prism. They also talk about their switch from the Palm to the PocketPC.

2001’s Palm odyssey will bring Macintosh support via OS X and USB thus making portability and style almost synonymous. Sonic Blue (formerly S3) has just announced the “NIKE PSA play 120” digital audio player. Featuring 64MB flash memory expandable to 96MB, it can store up to 2 hours worth of digital music. The alkaline battery will give you 10 hours of non-stop audio play in WMA and MP3 formats. It supports USB and Windows 98/2000/Mac OS 8.6 and above. Can money buy love?