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EVGA offers five flavors of GTX 1060 3GB cards

Bruno Ferreira
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The GeForce GTX 1060 certainly looks to be an impressive machine, but budget-conscious gamers on the green team may be looking for something a little closer to the $200 mark. Those people need to look no further than the new GTX 1060 3GB. All the big manufacturers are releasing their takes on this GPU, and it's now time to take a look at EVGA's offerings.

EVGA has a grand total of five cards on offer, going from the regular unleaded GTX 1060 3GB, past two SuperClocked variants, all the way up to the pair of FTW models. The regular and "SC" cards are quite short at 6.8", and carry single-fan cooling systems and a single 6-pin power connector. The three higher-end models come fitted with the company's "ACX 3.0" dual-fan system, an eight-pin PCIe power connector, and a greater number of power phases.

Memory speed is the same 8 GT/s across the board. GPU speeds, however, range from the stock 1506 MHz base and 1708 MHz boost clocks of the base card all the way up to 1632 MHz base and 1806 MHz boost of the "FTW+" version. Here's a handy table to help you out:

Card Base clock Boost clock Cooling / power
FTW+ 1632 1860 Dual-fan, 1 x 8-pin
FTW 1620 1847 Dual-fan, 1 x 8-pin
SSC 1607 1835 Dual-fan, 1 x 8-pin
SC 1607 1835 Single-fan, 1 x 6-pin
Regular 1506 1708 Single-fan, 1 x 6-pin

Although EVGA's site doesn't yet have detailed pricing information for all the models, we've already spotted EVGA's basic GTX 1060 3GB at Newegg for $200 minus a cent. Higher-end models ought to carry corresponding price premiums.

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