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GamePC benches Tyan Thunder i840

Ronald Hanaki
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As promised, GamePC got their hands on a Tyan Thunder i840 S2520 motherboard and managed to do a review. The motherboard itself comes with the following features:

This board has everything you could possibly want in a motherboard. Let’s have a quick rundown. Dual FC-PGA, Dual Channel RDRAM, Onboard Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI, Dual 10/100 Ethernet Ports, Onboard ATI Video (can be disabled), AGP 4X Pro, 64-bit PCI, 32-bit PCI, ATA/100 IDE, Redundant ATX Connectors, and to round it out, a total of eleven fan-plug connectors. Let me catch my breath, than let’s look at these features in depth.

Pretty nice, huh? They follow up on their alternative SMP chipset article with some comparative benchmarks against the ServerWorks, i820, and VIA Apollo Pro 133A. No RAID benches. though. That is where a dual processor SMP rig would really shine. The benefits of SMP are tough to benchmark objectively due to the fact that some of the advantages are qualitative rather than quantitative. Of course, Tyan motherboards are known more for stability than overclocking. The price and use of RDRAM are also drawbacks for some. Since it looks like we will have to wait a little longer for the AMD 760MP, maybe this will inspire me to do something with the Intel ‘Outrigger’ that I have…