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Generative AI will Now Fuel Google Photo’s Magic Editor

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Generative AI will Now Fuel Google Photo's Magic Editor

In an ambitious embrace of AI, Google Photos is broadening its horizons and delving deeper into the photo enhancement realm.

The Magic Editor is expected to add unprecedented sophistication to the photos and finesse hitherto unseen.

The tech giant, known for its pioneering AI applications like the distraction-eradicating Magic Eraser and the innovative Photo Unblur features, is chartering new territories with its latest marvel, the Magic Editor.

Google asserts that this fresh addition to its toolkit will weave together various AI techniques, including generative AI for editing and reimaging.

This week, at the Google I/O developer conference, the company lifted the curtain to offer a glimpse of this groundbreaking feature.

The Rounds of Demonstration

Google presented a visual demonstration of the Magic Editor’s impressive capabilities. It can move subjects within a photo, using advanced AI to fill the resulting gaps. In one demonstrated instance, a boy sits on a far-left bench holding balloons.

Generative AI will Now Fuel Google Photo's Magic Editor

The Magic Editor impressively moves the boy and the bench to the center of the photo. What’s more, it uses generative AI to extend the bench and the balloons, ensuring the photo remains complete.

The editor can also enhance the image’s overall ambiance. For example, it can transform a dull, overcast sky into a vibrant blue one with white, fluffy clouds.

In another demo, Google showed that users can now declutter the photo by eliminating other individuals from the background. They can also refine the subject’s appearance by erasing elements like a bag strap from the shoulder.

While such editing capabilities were previously accessible in Google Photos via the Magic Eraser tool, the newly introduced feature of repositioning the subject adds a fresh dimension.

In this process, the AI smartly “extracts” the subject from the photo’s foreground. The user can then easily relocate the subject within the photo using a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ gesture.

It’s being said that the said feature resembles Apple’s iOS 16‘s image cut-out function. It could separate the subject from the rest of the image, enabling a wide range of creative options.

This includes the ability to copy and paste a portion of the image into a different application, extract the subject from images discovered via Safari search, or even place the subject strategically in front of the clock on the iOS Lock Screen.

What to Expect

The demos ensure the New Magic Editor yields images that maintain a natural and well-balanced aesthetic. However, Google still prefers it to launch as an ‘experimental’ campaign as the tool may lack consistency at times.

The company wants to keep it open for feedback so that it can work on the improvements.

As of now, users will be able to edit more than 1 billion photos every month, leveraging The Magic Editor. However, whether it will feature any subscription cost is yet to be revealed. As of now, it will be available on select Pixel devices.

More details on the tool will be disclosed once Google sets a dedicated launch date for the feature.

Krishi Chowdhary Journalist

Krishi Chowdhary Journalist

Krishi is an eager Tech Journalist and content writer for both B2B and B2C, with a focus on making the process of purchasing software easier for businesses and enhancing their online presence and SEO. Krishi has a special skill set in writing about technology news, creating educational content on customer relationship management (CRM) software, and recommending project management tools that can help small businesses increase their revenue. Alongside his writing and blogging work, Krishi's other hobbies include studying the financial markets and cricket.

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