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“Going for AMD’s Balls”

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Not my words, but those of an Intel insider that The Register was able to get some interesting information out of. Looks like the chip giant’s Pentium 4 yields are ‘excellent’ and we should see a 2.0GHz version as soon as January! Yes, that’s three months ahead of schedule and not something that I was honestly expecting considering Intel’s recent blunders. How AMD is going to counter this I have no idea, but let’s all keep in mind that the P4 appears to be slower clock for clock than the current PIII.

“Things are starting to look up,” said a senior Intel representative who requested anonymity. “Yields on P4 are excellent and there are going to be lots of parts available much earlier than originally anticipated.”

You can check out the whole story here.

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Geoff Gasior Former Managing Editor

Geoff Gasior Former Managing Editor

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