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Google Magic Compose Starts Rolling Out In Beta Phase

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Google Magic Compose Starts Rolling Out In Beta Phase

Google’s much-awaited AI- text-writing software has finally started to roll out in the USA in the beta phase. While there have been quite a few talks surrounding Google’s latest venture, it was not until May 2023 that Google I/O got its first glimpse.

So what is this Google Magic Compose? It’s a simple new feature for Android users that helps you compose messages using AI. When you write a message on your phone, Google Magic Compose will give you a few tones to choose from. Options include “Chill”, “Lyrical”, “Excited” and “Shakespeare”

For example, Would you like to meet me tomorrow? can be easily translated to “Wanna hang out tomorrow?” or “Let’s meet tomorrow!! Okay?”.

This is the perfect feature for those users who aren’t too good at communication. Not sure what’s the right way to text your date or little nephew? Google Magic Compose can help you figure out both!

Who Can Use Google Magic Compose?

Currently, this beta phase is only available in the US. There’s been no update from the company regarding the release dates in Canada.

Within the US, if you want to use this new feature, make sure that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Have a US-based SIM card
  • Have downloaded the Message beta app
  • Have a subscription to Google One Premium
  • Have turned on RCS chats in the app

Magic Compose is smart and understands the context of your conversation, enabling it to create relevant responses that feel just like you. It’s also a great way to save time and get back to your contacts even when you’re on the go.

What’s The Catch?

Google Magic Compose seems too good to be true, which might lead you to think there has to be a catch. And you’re right; there is one— you’ll no longer have the privilege of end-to-end encryption.

As reported by Android Authority, this feature will send the last 20 messages on your to Google so that their AIs can understand how you speak to create better suggestions.

Currently, it’s only available in RCS messages. There’s been no word on when we can expect a similar version for SMS or MMS.

The same is outlined in Google’s Magic Compose Support Page. It clearly reads that any conversation that happened within the last 20 messages will be shared, which includes your emojis, reactions, shared URLs, etc.

Messages containing attachments, voice notes, images, and videos won’t be shared. But if there’s a media file with a caption and a voice transcript, both will be sent to Google.

For those worried about what will happen to their messages after the suggestions are created, Google spokesperson Justin Rende assured that “conversation data used by Magic Compose is not retained”. In fact, the data is purged immediately afterward and certainly not used in training Magic Compose.

Microsoft, Google’s biggest rival, has launched a similar feature in SwiftKey— its keyboard app. Here you can select the Bing icon from the toolbar to get response suggestions and then change the text’s style, tone, and length.

Now it’s up to time to show which of these two AI-text writing features wins over the users and holds up in the long run.

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