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How Tamadoge Can Potentially Give You 100x More Gains Than Dogecoin Or Shiba Inu

Renee Johnson
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Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are the most famous meme coins on the markets. They both started as a joke, but after public advertising by Elon Musk, they became real digital assets. However, meme coins are well-known for their poor token utilization, which is why they stay in the lower price ranges.

Tamadoge is a new meme coin that’s about to hit the markets in late 2022, and TAMA is the first such token with real-world use cases. It’s also the first meme coin set in a metaverse and built around play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics. So let’s see why it’s likely to give you 100x higher gains than Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

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Tamadoge – The New King of Meme Coins

Tamadoge is the newest addition to the Dogecoin ecosystem. It used the popularity of both DOGE and SHIB as leverage to attract initial investors, and the plan worked perfectly. However, Tamadoge would not be as popular as it is now if it was another useless meme coin. The people behind it knew that, so they developed a new cryptocurrency with real-world use cases. 

Since the Tamadoge is the first meme coin set in a metaverse and built around Play-to-Earn mechanics, it’s already got a head start compared to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. That said, token utilization on Tamadoge is way better than the other two cryptos. 

For example, all transactions that take place within the Tamaverse require TAMA tokens that come with a zero transaction fee protocol. That includes all player-to-player transactions and purchases from the built-in Tama NFT Petstore. Tamadoge also has much better tokenomics, since it took the diminishing supply approach that will keep reducing the number of tokens in circulation constantly.

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How Tamadoge Tokenomics Are Superior to Other Meme Coins

Besides the lack of utility, bad tokenomics is another issue for Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Namely, both platforms have trillions or even quadrillion tokens in circulation. Unfortunately, the supply vastly outweighs the demand, which prevents DOGE and SHIB from significant price gains. 

On the other hand, Tamadoge has 2 billion pre-mined TAMA tokens. 50% is available in presale right now, 45% is locked for liquidity, while 5% will be burned to diminish token supply. Once the platform goes live, 65% of all TAMA tokens used in a month will go to the prize pool, divided between the highest-scoring players. 30% will go towards marketing and maintenance costs, while another 5% will be burned monthly. That means the number of TAMA tokens will keep dropping over time, pushing their price higher.

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TAMA Token Presale

The official Tamadoge token presale has been an enormous success so far. The beta presale was closed in less than two weeks, and the project has raised over $11,5 million so far. Over 60% of the 1 billion tokens have been sold already, but you can still buy TAMA tokens at a discount of 40 TAMA per 1 USDT. So head to the official Tamadoge presale webpage and get your tokens before the presale is over.

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How to Buy TAMA?

Although the Tamadoge presale started only recently, investors worldwide have already done their part to capitalize on this incredible investment opportunity.

Check out this guide if you want to become a Tamadoge community member and potentially get rich by investing in Tamadoge. The step-by-step guide will explain each process in great detail, so make sure to read it carefully.

Once you complete all the steps, you’ll be a proud owner of your first Tamadoge token.  

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet  

If you don’t already have one, you first need to create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.  

Most wallets are simple to create and are completely free. With that said, we recommend that you go with MetaMask since it includes multi-chain support.  

Go to MetaMask’s official website, press “Download,” and follow the instructions to set it up.  

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT 

You can buy TAMA coins only through Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos can be acquired through the major crypto exchange platform.  

However, you also have the option to purchase ETH directly via credit/debit card on Tamadoge’s official presale platform.  

After you buy ETH/USDT, transfer the tokens into your crypto wallet.  

Step 3 – Connect the Crypto Wallet with Tamadoge’s Presale Platform  

Go to the official Tamadoge website and press ‘Buy.’  

Next, click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and pick your wallet provider. You’ll see a bunch of instructions pop up; follow them to finish the connection process.  

Step 4 – Purchase Tamadoge  

Type in the exact amount of TAMA coins that you want to buy (the minimum is 10,000) and press ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT.’  

Double-check the information you entered and confirm the transaction if everything is correct.  

Step 5 – Claim the Tokens  

Lastly, all that’s left for you to do is claim the Tamadoge tokens.  

But, you should know that the ‘Claim’ option will be available only once the presale ends.

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Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Are Falling Behind Tamadoge

Even though Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are well established and among the top 20 cryptos by market cap, the lack of token utilization is becoming a serious problem in the new crypto environment. DOGE and SHIB tokens experienced massive growth in the past but are unlikely to repeat it without improving their features.

Dogecoin is looking for partners and brands willing to accept the token as payment, while Shiba Inu is working on new features, including a decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap and a metaverse. The people behind Shiba Inu have probably realized that the platform doesn’t stand a chance against Tamadoge, so they decided to follow the latest trends to survive. Once the new features go live, SHIB tokens will likely double or even triple in price, but that’s nothing compared to Tamadoge’s price predictions.

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Tamadoge Is The Meme Coin With The Highest Growth Potential

If we compare price predictions of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Tamadoge, things become more apparent. DOGE is expected to reach $0,076 by the end of 2022. It should keep growing steadily until 2025, reaching a cool $0.24. On the other hand, Shiba Inu lost a lot of value during the crypto crash in early 2022. It is now selling for $0.0000112; however, it could reach as much as $0.000192 by the end of 2025. 

TAMA tokens are available only in presale at the moment. The starting price was $0,01 per token, but after the first three phases, it jumped to 40 tokens per 1 USDT. TAMA tokens are expected to gain at least 25% on release day, and many experts agree that they could grow by as much as 100 times by the end of 2022. The platform plans on introducing full augmented reality support in early 2023, which will keep driving the price of TAMA tokens even higher. Tamadoge is the new crypto with the highest gain potential in 2022. 

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