Microsoft Launches “Loop” To Simply Content Management

Microsoft Launches “Loop” To Simply Content Management

Microsoft has finally made its much-awaited project management tool— Loop, public. The software has been kept under wraps for many months, available only to the private preview users for their feedback. But now, the curtains are up, and Loop is available for public preview.

Loop will work as a content management platform for users of Microsoft 365.

For those who have used Notion for project and task management, Microsoft’s new launch might ring a bell.

Currently, the software is only available to users who have a Microsoft Account or Azure Active Directory account. But as per reports, they are also working on an Android and iOS app which is expected to arrive soon.

In some ways, it looks like Microsoft’s Loop is trying to compete with Google Workspace Spaces. Both platforms offer custom dashboards with real-time updates, team management features, project collaboration tools, etc.

So you might wonder, what does Loop bring to the table that’s unique? The answer lies in its three constituting parts— Loop pages, Loop components, and Loop workspace.

Together, these three components will have you deliver and paste blocks of content in real-time to its other software such as Outlook, Word, or Microsoft Teams.

Let’s take a deeper dive into these three components and understand their purpose.

How Does The Three Loop Components Work

Loop pages look like blank canvases where you can paste the Loop components such as files, links, or data. You’ll have multiple pages to categorize different types of components together. And if you’re not sure how to get started, you can refer to the templates to set up your first Loop page.

The software will automatically recommend people and relevant documents to add, so you don’t miss out on any important element.

Loop components are basically the elements of your work that you wish to collaborate on. For example, all your files, task lists, customer chats, and emails come under Loop components. Even creating a workspace on Loop is super easy.

The fun part about using Loop for project management is its interactive interface. Up to 50 coworkers can work and edit a workspace at the same time, and they can interact with each other through fun emojis and comments.

Since remote working can get a bit boring from time to time, features like these can really help the team come together.

The biggest benefit of using Loop is it’s in sync with all your other Microsoft business tools. This means that a change made in one Loop component will reflect on all other places in your workspace where that particular file is embedded.

To further simplify project management for large teams, Microsoft is also currently working on the new Microsoft 365 Copilot system, which will be integrated with Loop.

The main purpose of this software would be to help the team create blueprints and flowcharts for a project and edit them together. The software is still in its private testing phase, and we haven’t been able to get an exact date on when it can be expected to release.

Krishi Chowdhary

Krishi Chowdhary

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