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NZXT gets its curve on with the Manta Mini-ITX case

Renee Johnson
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NZXT teased a mystery case a couple weeks ago at CES, and we now know what the company was keeping under wraps. The Manta is a Mini-ITX case that's built using curved steel exterior panels. NZXT says this new manufacturing process lets it include twice as much room for cable mangement in the Manta as one might find in a traditional flat-sided Mini-ITX case.

At 9.6" wide by 16.7" high by 17.7" deep, the Manta is hardly small for a Mini-ITX tower. NZXT puts that space to good use, though. This tower can swallow CPU coolers as tall as 6.3" (160 mm), along with graphics cards and power supplies up to 14.3" (363 mm) long. The Manta has room for 280-mm radiators on its front and top panels, and the rear 120-mm fan mount can accept a 120-mm radiator, too.

NZXT includes two 120-mm fans in the front on intake duty and one 120-mm spinner in the rear for exhaust. Storage options include two 3.5" drive mounts and three more 2.5" mounts. The Manta will be available in windowed and non-windowed models. The windowed model carries a $139.99 suggested price, and it's up for pre-order from NZXT for a projected February 10 shipping date.

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