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Official Duron 850 release

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AMD Zone was the first to point out that AMD’s site has been updated with the official press release and specs for the Duron 850 processor. The press release is too long to post in full but here are some highlights.

AMD today introduced the 850MHz AMD Duron™ processor, again delivering innovative technology and a rewarding computing experience at an affordable price. With today’s launch, and with the advent of UMA integrated graphics chipsets, AMD continues to enhance its reputation for delivering ideal solutions to value conscious PC shoppers.


“Our exclusive advance launches of computers with AMD processors have been a runaway hit with HSN viewers, selling well over 100,000 since their launch on the network over a year ago,” said Jeff Taraschi, HSN’s executive vice president of merchandising. “We can’t think of a better venue than the CES to launch the new 850MHz AMD Duron processor.”

Home shopping network? I guess they can effectively reach a price-conscious market through the HSN but if I ever see an AMD chip with an “As seen on TV” sticker on it I’m going to cry.

The availability of Unified Memory Architecture, or UMA, integrated graphics chipsets is expected to enable PC manufacturers to provide AMD Duron processor-based systems for the entire range of sub-$1,000 price points. Already, VIA Technologies Inc. has announced its UMA-based KM133 chipset and SiS has announced its UMA-based SiS730s chipset, both supporting the Socket A infrastructure. UMA chipsets include the graphics processing engine on the chipset, removing the need for a stand-alone graphics card in the PC. This integration helps PC manufacturers to reduce graphics costs, allowing them to provide richer configurations in the PC. AMD expect PCs featuring UMA graphics to be offered from Compaq, HP and other top manufacturers.

This is going to make it hard for Intel and Cyrix to compete at the low end, chalk up another impending victory for AMD.

The 850MHz, 800MHz and 750MHz AMD Duron processors are priced at $149, $112 and $88 respectively, each in 1,000-unit quantities.

As expected, cheaper than Intel… and faster as well.

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Geoff Gasior Former Managing Editor

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