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On Brookdale, Almador, and Foster

Ronald Hanaki
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PC Watch‘s IDF coverage is immense. Intel is showing mechanical samples of the Brookdale chipset. Check out the pictures here, here, here, and here. Close inspection reveals the mPGA478 Pentium 4 and a 168 pin DIMM socket. PC Watch is reporting that engineering samples are likely to appear during June’s Computex in Taipei. Brookdale is now expected in Q3.

There is also a picture of what looks to be an i815E motherboard. However, there is a slot for a “GFX Performance Module” right next to the AGP slot. Is this a prototype of Almador? The i830 Almador chipset was believed to be cancelled but according to OEM makers it was to have the following specs:

  • AGTL system bus (change from AGTL+)
  • Support for up to 1.5GB memory (512KB) w/ECC
  • Onboard graphics w/266MHz DDR (133MHz X 2) core clock speed
  • A frame buffer that supports RDRAM (Media-RIMM display cache)
  • 350MHz RAMDAC (250MHz)
  • Support for an external graphics card (AGP slot)

    The Intel 830M (Almador-M) chipset will support the 0.13 micron process mobile Pentium III so it is believed that the i830M will have similar specs including the MRIMM display cache. More pictures are here and here.

    ServerWorks was demoing their “Grand Champion HE” chipset which will support quad Fosters. Pictures are here and here.

    Micron’s Copperhead is likely to see a Q3 release. Their booth also had a Xbox console.

    Intel’s D850GB and MSI’s MS6380 (VIA Apollo KT266) have NEC’s USB 2.0 controller chip on board. Last fall, Intel cancelled the release of the ICH3 (South Bridge) which was to have USB 2.0 support.

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