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PDAs: Are they worth it?

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief Author expertise
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OK, we all know PDAs are pretty cool-looking little toys. Toting around a little Palm and whipping it out to pull up that vital piece of info is the pinnacle of geek pride in some circles. But are handheld computers anything more than $200 toys? Will they really prove useful once the novelty has worn off, or will they end up in the closet next to the ColecoVision in six weeks?

That’s what TR’s new guy, Geoff “Dissonance” Gasior, wanted to know. He bought a Handspring Visor a few months ago, and put it to use as a part of his busy routine. Now that some time has passed, he’s taken a look back to see if his PDA has lived up to the hype. Read on to see what he found

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Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson is a veteran in the tech industry and the former Editor-in-Chief at Tech Report. With a laser focus on tech product reviews, Wasson's expertise shines in evaluating CPUs and graphics cards, and much more.