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Pentium 4 takes on Athlon DDR

Scott Wasson
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THERE’S NO LOVE LOST between the Intel and AMD camps these days. Both sides know they’re in for the fight of their lives, and both are bringing spectacular advances to the desktop PC market with regularity. The latest salvos in the desktop wars are a whole new microarchitecture from Intel and a revamped Athlon platform from AMD. We’ve already painted much of the backdrop for this article, and now it’s time for the main event: The P4 and Athlon DDR in a head-to-head, take-no-prisoners benchmark brawl.

We’ve rounded up a 1.5GHz P4 system from Intel and tossed it into the ring with a 1.2GHz DDR system from AMD. To test our contenders’ mettle, we’ve run them through a grueling gauntlet of benchmarks, from the highly synthetic to in-the-mud, real-world application tests. Read on to see which system captures the undisputed performance title…