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Project Jackson coming in summer?

Ronald Hanaki
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The Register does their take on SMT (simultaneous multithreading), a technology that will allegedly be incorporated in Intel’s upcoming Foster.

No, SMT can’t be the chip business’ best-kept secret for very much longer. Simultaneous Multi Threading – the business of making one processor look like several software applications – is being snuck into Intel’s Foster. Although officially Chipzilla won’t say a word about Project Jackson – multithreaded P4 – before it’s due to be unveiled in the summer. But if you’ve grown weary of listening to the treadmill of higher clock frequencies and process shrinkages every few months, then SMT will be real news. You do need to know about this stuff for lots of interesting reasons. So here we cover a few…

The rest of the story can be found here. Real World Technologies has a three part series on the Alpha EV8 where they consider the virtues of SMT. The articles can be found here, here, and here. TR’s take can be found here.