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Rambus shares plummet

Ronald Hanaki
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TheStreet comments on Rambus’s plight:

Given how spooked investors are by Rambus’ (RMBS:Nasdaq – news) current legal battle with Infineon Technologies (IFX:NYSE – news), the next year could be tough for the already weakened stock — Rambus has seven other patent cases pending.

Obviously it’s much too soon to say whether these other cases will deliver the kinds of twists and turns that drove Rambus shares down more than 50% in the last two days. And of course, Rambus still could prevail in this and the other cases, which could propel its stock higher. But these are legal cases, and that means they’re uncertain.

Of course, the past two days have shown how that hope can be quickly pierced when a pretrial ruling in federal court in Richmond, Va., went against Rambus. On Friday Rambus’ shares fell $8.29, or 34%, to $15.80 after losing 32% on Thursday.

Is the fat lady ready to sing? More poignantly, given Intel’s closer alliance with Rambus as revealed at IDF, if Rambus goes down, does it take Intel with it? Thanks again to rand for his news bits.

Update: ZDNet reports that the Rambus/Infineon trial has been delayed until April 10. EBNews is reporting that Intel is slowing another fab expansion. Rand has sent in another story on Intel’s strategy after the ruling.