Rumor: Razer Core graphics dock will cost $500 and ship in April

Razer's Core external graphics add-on is one of the hottest new pieces of hardware to surface this year. The company hasn't revealed how much the external graphics enclosure will cost yet or when consumers can buy one, though. Now, we may have both those puzzle pieces.  VentureBeat seems to have prematurely published an article (now cached by Google) with full details of the Core's price and release date. If the now-removed post is correct, the Core will arrive next month with a $500 price tag, or $400 when purchased with a Blade Stealth notebook.

Combine the $1000-and-up price tag on Razer's Blade Stealth, the $400 (or $500) extra for the Core, and the price of a desktop graphics card, and this brave new world of plug-and-play graphics power may not be too affordable at first. Still, it's hard to deny the convenience of this setup for gamers who want a thin-and-light notebook on the go and a Core waiting at home when it's time to game. If other notebook makers follow Razer's lead, we may see vigorous competition in this market soon, too. For now, though, all we can do is wait and see if VentureBeat really spilled the beans.

Renee Johnson