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Ronald Hanaki
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  1. Fudzilla reports Nvidia slashes GTS 250, GTX 260 prices
    and first Nvidia Ion in Q2 2009
  2. The Inquirer reports ATI 4890 is not a new ASIC
    and Nvidia GTX 260s now losing money
  3. DailyTech reports Office Depot issues official statement on notebook sales policy
  4. You dream it, now Intel and Asus will build it
  5. Intel, Symantec cut PC’s energy costs?
  6. Engineers find a way to build a better battery
  7. Google Voice: The new must-have accessory?
  8. Ars Technica reports iPod shuffle-friendly headphones with inline control coming
    and whither Windows? OLPC 2 likely to use ARM, not x86
  9. Will Microsoft port Windows to an Arm-based OLPC laptop?
  10. Reducing Microsoft’s carbon footprint
  11. VR-Zone’s IT Show 2009 coverage
  12. Digital Trends: 10 best ways to backup data


  1. Engineering Windows 7: A few more changes from Beta to RC…
  2. Microsoft’s Hyper-V planning and deployment guide version 1.2
  3. Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha 6 is up for grabs
  4. C|Net reports latest Conficker worm gets nastier
  5. GPUCafé reviews Catalyst 9.3 brings new Windows 7 driver
  6. Futuremark’s Peacekeeper beta: The browser benchmark
  7. Mozilla Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is out
  8. Opera CEO: IE 8 deactivation is not enough
  9. Apple to preview new iPhone software next week
  10. Microsoft unveils its developer strategy for the next generation of Windows phones
  11. TG Daily reports major firmware update for Android G1 scheduled for Easter
  12. Expreview reports Realtek high definition audio drivers R2.18 released
  13. Hi Tech Legion reviews Data Crow software


  1. EA CFO Eric Brown: Longer console cycle, more price cuts ahead
  2. Big Download has rumor: No more Lord of the Rings movie-based games for EA
  3. Steam’s weekend deal – 66% off Red Orchestra
    and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is out
  4. Left 4 Dead, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, and Team Fortress 2 updates released
  5. PCGH on CryEngine 2: Approaching photorealism with perfect time of day simulation?
  6. Ars Technica and Shacknews review Resident Evil 5

Systems, storage, and networking

  1. PC Perspective: New details on Intel Larrabee architecture and development coming
  2. Hardware Secrets asks, "What if Nvidia launches a mobile x86 processor?"
  3. Madshrimps compare Core 2 Duo E7400 vs. E8600: The battle of the caches
  4. FiringSquad reviews Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
  5. X-bit labs review Asus P6T and ASRock X58 SuperComputer mainboard
  6. bit-tech reviews 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive
  7. X-bit labs roundup: Hard disk drives with 640GB storage capacity
  8. ThinkComputers reviews PromoLocker custom USB flash drives
  9. ITreviewed on Pioneer BDR-203BK Blu-ray Disc drive
  10. DriverHeaven reviews LinkSys Cisco Media Hub 405

Multimedia, power, case, and cooling

  1. Phoronix reviews AMD FirePro V8700 1GB
  2. X-bit labs: Two quad-core CPUs vs. two fast Nvidia graphics cards
  3. VR-Zone reviews Nvidia Geforce GTS 250
  4. Hexus.net reviews XFX Radeon HD 4850 XXX 512MB
  5. Frag the Planet reviews GoPro Motorsports Hero 5 wide action camcorder
  6. DragonSteelMods review Microsoft Sidewinder X8 wireless mouse
  7. TweakPC reviews Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse (in German)
  8. Digital Trends reviews Garmin Nuvi 265WT
  9. Technic reviews 680W Tagan SuperRock PSU
  10. Rbmods review Cooler Master Sniper case
  11. Björn3D reviews XSPC Razor 4870 full coverage water block
  12. Legit Reviews on Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler

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