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  • WinInformant on MS knowledge base article Q157668
  • JC updates his AMD reseller conference (9/16)
  • 3D GameForce’s Silicon Wars, episode two: 3dfx
  • Gamecenter looks at ATI and Nintendo’s Gamecube
  • SystemLogic’s Guru’s World column: another day in the life of a PC tech
  • ISPreview ponders the future of ISDN
  • Montreal Gazette: simple guide to nasty computer worms and viruses



  • GamePC’s review of Gigabyte 6VXD7 dual Via 133A socket mainboard
  • Tom’s Hardware compares Aladdin TNT2 integrated chipset vs. i815e and others
  • PC Scoop reviews Abit KT7-RAID (also look at preliminary Abit VP6 benchmarks)
  • OCworkbench reviews Epox 8KTA+ socket A
  • PC Review looks at Soltek SL-65MV Via ProSavage PM133 socket 370
  • CPUReview looks at Abit KT7-RAID
  • Digit-Life reviews Chaintech 7AJA socket A
  • 3D Alpha reviews Tyan Tiger 133 S1834D dual Slot 1
  • Hardware Pub reviews FIC AZ11
  • Hexus reviews Asus A7V
  • Overclock Solutions reviews Tyan Trinity 400 socket 370/slot 1 (automatic translation provided)


  • [H]ard|OCP’s ATI speed editorial
  • AnandTech looks at how the Matrox G450 performs under Linux
  • NVIDIA GF/TNT2 image quality problems due to RFI filtering
  • nV News’ GeForce 2 FSAA shootout
  • Planet Savage looks back by pitting Savage 4 Pro vs. TNT2 Model 64
  • The-Ctrl-Alt-Del does Detonator 3 comparison
  • Digital Web 3D reviews Asus V7700 64mb


  • AnandTech reviews Empeg Mark II in-dash car MP3 player
  • DVD review has DVD Easter eggs
  • The ixla photoeasy Deluxe kit reviewed at TargetPC
  • Dans Data reviews VME Systems CF-IDE CompactFlash IDE adapter
  • TargetPC’s review of Casio’s 3.34 megapixel 3000EX digital camera
  • Gamers Depot reviews Guillemot Maxi sound: Muse


  • Technoyard reviews OnStream ECHO 30 USB
  • HardwareCentral looks at TiVo
  • 3D Spotlight’s WinMe modem tweaking guide updated
  • Tech Extreme reviews SideWinder Game Voice
  • TargetPC reviews Ramp Networks WebRamp 350e
  • The Tech Zone’s AMD-3333 case review
  • TweakTown looks at MOS circular copper shim
  • AwareMag looks at Delta black label 60mm fan

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