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  1. PC Mechanic’s Wednesday coverage
  2. Ars Technica: Wednesday edition
  3. Gamers Depot’s day 3
  4. HardwareZone’s day two
  5. VIAhardware’s part II
  6. FiringSquad’s part 2


  1. One2surf looks inside the new AMD-760 chipset (thanks NeWs dAwG)
  2. Club OC’s Duron 800 MHz review and overclocking
  3. the Duke of URL reviews Linux Mandrake 7.2
  4. Maximum3D’s tales of woe part 8
  5. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-088): vulnerability in MS Exchange 2000 Server and Enterprise Server


  1. PC Roddin reviews ECS P6ISM i815
  2. Sharky Extreme reviews AOpen AX3S Pro i815e
  3. RoloTECH reviews ECS K7VZA Socket A
  4. HardGEEK reviews Abit KT7-RAID


  1. Digit-Life’s October 2000 3Digest
  2. Gamers Depot interviews CEO of ATi
  3. GamePC reviews Hercules 3D Prophet II Pro
  4. Overclockers Online puts video memory heatsinks on GF2 (overclocking)
  5. Sweet Hardware previews NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go


  1. Winamp 2.7
  2. Tech-GODS on DirectX 8.0
  3. PlanetHardware reviews Kenwood CD-425M
  4. StorageReview looks at Seagate U5 ST340823A
  5. Mr PC Pro reviews Sony CRX 145E 10/4/32
  6. SG reviews Gravis Eliminator GamePad Pro

Cases and cooling

  1. SystemLogic reviews Antec SX1030B case
  2. The Cold Shop reviews AOpen HX08 full tower case
  3. Jsi Hardware’s cool case mods
  4. Virtual Hideout’s temperature controlled fan circuit guide
  5. Virtual Hideout reviews Alpha ‘Super’ PAL6035
  6. Noodles and Sauce reviews TT Super Orb
  7. Savagezone reviews Global Win FOP38 Socket A cooler
  8. Netkills review Arctic SIlver thermal compound

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