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  1. Pentium 4 prerelease benchmark history@JC’s PC News’n’Links
  2. ZZZ online Number 58 (November 19)
  3. Hexus walks on air: TBird 1.0 o/c to 1.4 GHz
  4. ReTeL’s Duron 900 MHz? comparison with the TBird 900 MHz
  5. AMDWORLD’s overclocking tutorial part #3
  6. Insane Hardware’s Computer Show 2000 & ITEX 2000 coverage


  1. PC Scoop
  2. AnandTech
  3. RIVA Station’s NVIDIA report (in German ~ Babelfish here)
  4. RIVA Station’s ATI report
  5. 3DnHardware’s part I
  6. Gamers Depot’s wrap-up


  1. Motherboard Monitor 5.02
  2. Overclocking @ QGL’s sound card modding article
  3. Hexus takes Home Highway
  4. The Adrenaline Vault on Logitech’s iTouch keyboard
  5. Eurogamer presents Barbie PC


  1. Active-Hardware reviews Soyo SY-7VCA
  2. OnePC gives Soyo SY-K7VTA a second look


  1. Tranzmit‘s new 3D demo: Origin by Astroidia (OpenGL)
  2. Rage3D’s Radeon registry settings
  3. NVmax 0.981
  4. ATi Radeon Win9x/Me 4.13.7041 beta driver from 3D Chipset
  5. 3dfx Voodoo 3 3500 TV Win9x/Me beta 4 driver
  6. BigKid’s interview with 3dfx’s Karen Gleitsmann
  7. nV News’ GeForce 2 Quake 3 shootout
  8. Tweakers Asylum does Win2k Detonator 3 comparison
  9. nV News’ CL Annihilator 2 Ultra review part II: benchmarking
  10. Guru3D reviews Creative Labs Annihilator 2 Ultra
  11. HardwareCentral’s desktop video buyer’s guide

Memory and storage

  1. GideonTech on Corsair Value select 64MB PC-133 memory
  2. tuplay’s Seagate Barracuda 180 preview
  3. Rojak Pot updates Maxtor Silent Store guide

Cases and cooling

  1. G3D’s how to make your case mod article
  2. ProCooling on mounting a radiator and cooling fans
  3. Hexus on how to make your own advanced baybus
  4. Jsi Hardware reviews GlobalWin FOP38 cooler
  5. The Cold Shop reviews 2CoolPC

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