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3dfx postmortems

  1. Conference call: NVIDIA acquisition of 3dfx assets
  2. HardwareGuru interviews NVIDIA’s Derek Perez
  3. Tech Extreme interviews NVIDIA’s Brian Burke
  4. FiringSquad’s 3dfx interview
  5. Voodoo Extreme’s Hooked on 3dfx (Brian Hook)
  6. Overclocked Cafe on NVIDIA and 3dfx

Interviews and general news

  1. Tech Extreme’s interview with Grin’s Bo Andersson
  2. Digit Life’s interview with Gigabyte
  3. Digit Life’s interview with AOpen
  4. D-Link’s press release: portable MP3 player that delivers 10 hours of music
  5. littlewhitedog’s MP3’s – an open letter
  6. Apu’s Hardware to give away CPUFX copper spacers
  7. Netkills on the truth about Santa Claus


  1. Maximum3D’s “spec it out” for webmasters
  2. VR-Zone on modifying Pentium 4 VCore voltage
  3. HardwareZone reviews IBM ThinkPad X20 notebook
  4. AnandTech’s overview of the VIA KM133 chipset
  5. Tom’s Hardware looks at 5 Socket A boards with Ultra ATA-100
  6. VIAhardware reviews AOpen AK73 Pro Socket A
  7. Rizenet reviews MSI K7T Pro2-A
  8. HardwareCentral on how not to install hardware


  1. TweakTown’s screenshots of 3dfx Motion Blur in Quake III
  2. Got|Apex reviews Leadtek GF2 Ultra
  3. GA-Hardware reviews Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra
  4. ATi RadeonTweaker 0.3.1
  5. S3 Savage Tweaker 3.10 rev. 3200

Networking and security

  1. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-099): “directory service restore mode password” vulnerability
  2. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-098): “indexing service file enumeration” vulnerability
  3. Gamers Depot on Linksys Wireless PCI network
  4. Hardware One reviews Intel InBusiness 8-port 10/100 switch


  1. PCMechanic on Mushkin Rev2 CAS2 SDRAM: PC133 vs. PC100
  2. Chick’s Hardware’s Pioneer slot loading DVD player window mod
  3. SystemLogic reviews 2CoolPC Turbo cooling system
  4. OCWorkBench reviews AT-Tech CM21 & CM25 heatsink/fan
  5. Sharky Extreme reviews MidiLand 7100M 5.1 ready speaker system
  6. G3D reviews Logitech WingMan Force 3D
  7. tuplay reviews Quake III: Team Arena
  8. Giants: Citizen Kabuto patch 1.1
  9. Diablo II patch 1.04

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Bitcoin BTC Steady Above $51,000 Level Amidst Volatility, Expert Predicts Continued Price Growth