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  1. New Abit KT7 ww BIOS@AMDZone (use at your own risk)
  2. Sharky Extreme’s NVIDIA interview & 3dfx tribute
  3. Salon on Apple: The age of computer heroes is over; Blind arrogance; and How Apple can be fixed
  4. InQuest updates ACR vs. CNR: battle of riser card standards
  5. Real World Technologies on the IOSS BIOS savior


  1. HardwareOC’s battle at 1GHz
  2. OCWorkBench reviews DFI AK74-AC KT133A
  3. Digit Life’s IDE CD-RW roundup part V
  4. The Tech Zone reviews Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32A (TR’s review is here)
  5. Club Overclocker reviews Round ATA66/100 cables
  6. Athlonmb reviews Mushkin Rev2 PC133 enhanced memory
  7. Tech Extreme reviews MS SideWinder Force Feedback 2

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International Law Enforcement Coalition Disrupts Notorious Ransomware Gang Lockbit

In a coordinated operation revealed on Monday, an international coalition of law enforcement agencies executed a significant disruption of Lockbit. Lockbit is one of the most prolific and technologically advanced ransomware...

Crypto News

Top U.S. Exchange Plans to Integrate VeChain as Interest in the Crypto Sector Rises

In a recent development within the cryptocurrency space, a leading U.S. exchange, Uphold, is reportedly considering the integration of VeChain (VET) into its platform. The upcoming move is due to...

Neuralink’s Human Tester Can Control A Mouse With Thoughts

Neuralink’s First Human Tester Can Control A Computer Mouse With Thoughts

Super Bowl LVII stadium

Super Bowl Cities: Economic Impact and Tourism Statistics

Microsoft to invest $2.1 Billion in AI and Cloud Growth in Spain

Microsoft to Invest $2.1 Billion in AI and Cloud Growth in Spain

Tinder Introduces Blue Checkmark For UK Citizens

Tinder Introduces Blue Ticks For UK Citizens To Combat Fake Profiles