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Soltek’s new dual VIA mainboard

Ronald Hanaki
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The Soltek SL-68C+ dual mainboard has made its appearance as well. This is based on the VIA Apollo Pro 133A and has room for two Socket 370/FC-PGA processors. Here is a picture of the retail box and this is the motherboard itself. Yes, the South Bridge now supports Ultra ATA-100 but what have we here? Take a look at the new North Bridge on the Apollo Pro 133A. Previous VIA North Bridges were marked “VT82C686B” or “VT82C694X” but now VIA has a new North Bridge called “VT82C694XDP.” Do the last two letters “DP” mean that VIA is now officially supporting dual processors? For all we know, it is just VIA’s name for their new North Bridge since you can’t find documentation in the data sheets and the Soltek manual itself doesn’t really explain it. Nevertheless, it is intriguing. We should hear more about this soon.

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