SteelSeries’ Sentry tracks your eye movements in games

As Computex wraps up in Taiwan, we’ve got another big show on our hands this week: E3. SteelSeries has chosen that venue to introduce some new gear, including the Sentry Eye Tracker, a gizmo that can track your eye movements in games:

SteelSeries, which tapped Tobii to provide the eye-tracking tech, pitches the Sentry as a "virtual, visual coach." Here’s the skinny from the press release:

The SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker brings players an entirely new way to train for competitive gaming, by allowing the player to analyze a wide range of statistics based on where and how long a user focused, or fixated, on the screen. Fixations per Minute (FPM) tracks how often a user moves his or her eye gaze and attention around the screen; low values indicate that the gamer is able to process a lot of information. For comparison, FPM in eye tracking is the same type of correlation as APM or the total numbers of actions per minute a player can perform.

In order to provide gamers with a standard for their eye-tracking stats, SteelSeries is working with some of the world’s top-performing professional gamers to establish peak performance goals. This benchmarking will allow users to compare their eye movements in gaming sessions with those of professional-level champions. It’s these benchmark comparisons that will allow users to gain deeper insight into how to use their eyes to improve their game.

The Sentry is scheduled to arrive "later this year."

Interestingly, SteelSeries says the Sentry can be extended with ocular motion controls, which would essentially turn the device into a sci-fi game controller. No timetable is quoted that particular feature, though. All the press release says is that SteelSeries and Tobii are "working together to offer this functionality in the future."

Cyril Kowaliski