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Ronald Hanaki
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  • Akiba PC Hotline! reports that AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition will appear before
    the end of the year? (also an explanation of why AMD calls its new platform ‘Spider‘)
  • DailyTech reports that Asus Eee PC may violate GPL, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • TweakTown has AMD Catalyst 7.11 analysisXP & Vista
  • GamersHell has Unreal Tournament 3 1.01 beta patch
  • GamersHell has Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts demo
  • MadBoxPC’s huge review: GeForce 8800 GT + Radeon HD 3870 + HD 3850 (in Spanish)
  • Legit Reviews on Maximo™ iM-490S iMetal™ isolation earphones
  • techPowerUp! reviews 1200W Tuniq Ensemble PSU
  • HardwareLogic reviews iStarUSA™ S Storm S-9-H34 4-bay hot-swappable
    storage server ATX tower
  • TweakPC reviews Akasa AK-ZEN-01 WH chassis (in German)