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Sunday Shortbread

Ronald Hanaki
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  1. ChipHell posts Radeon HD 5870 series rumored specs
  2. Graphic evidence that AMD paid a lot for ATI
  3. Hardware-Infos: Nvidia GT300 with DirectX 11 in Q4 2009 (in German)
  4. ATi-Forum: AMD’s 32nm processor plans (in German)
  5. PCGH’s CeBIT preview: new CPU roadmap, 32nm production (in German)
  6. Taipei Times reports Intel to sell double-capacity hard drives
  7. EU accuses Microsoft of harming browser competition
  8. Microsoft statement on European Commission Statement of Objections
  9. Steve Jobs’s cancer may have recurred: doctors
  10. Gizmodo reports Apple tells dual-link DVI display adapter
    customers that their monitors are incompatible
  11. ComputerWorld on what you computer’s drive will look like in 5 years
  12. Modders-Inc covers CES 2009
  13. Futurelooks covers CES 2009: Sands Convention Center

Software and gaming

  1. TweakTown: Windows 7 beta vs. Windows Vista SP1 SSD performance compared
  2. DriverHeaven releases Photoshop Bench V3
  3. Rockstar Games: Sorry, no Grand Theft Auto "V" in 2009
  4. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
  5. TechFlash reports ‘Lost’ fans compete for $1,000 prize in new iPhone app
  6. bit-tech reviews Crayon Physics Deluxe


  1. bit-tech on MSI’s Click BIOS – evaluating UEFI
  2. HardwareOC Austria reviews 3GB Aeneon XTune PC3-12800U triple channel kit (in German)
  3. Overclock3D on Radeon HD 4670 CrossFire – the secret to budget gaming?
  4. t-break reviews XFX GeForce 9600 GT 512MB
  5. Hi Tech Legion reviews Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium
  6. Tweaknews reviews Samsung SyncMaster T240 24" LCD monitor
  7. Rbmods review Apple iPod touch
  8. InsideHW reviews Logitech Squeezebox Boom
  9. ARM3D reviews Saitek Cyborg Series keyboard and mouse
  10. [OC]ModShop reviews GlacialTech Altair A381 HTPC case
  11. TestFreaks have iPod nano 4th generation case comparison roundup

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