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Sunday Shortbread

Ronald Hanaki
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  1. C|Net’s report: IBM quietly lays off North American staff
  2. Microsoft’s score against Apple: Zune $85 million, iPod $3.4 billion
  3. ComputerWorld on building a better spam-blocking CAPTCHA
  4. Engadget HD on 3D: Is this the resurgence that counts?
  5. AppScout reports Microsoft launches mobile music service in UK
  6. Björn3D: Support for Stephanie (young girl stricken with cancer)

Software and gaming

  1. IEEE Spectrum has multicore made simple – Intel’s Larrabee

    is a chip every designer already knows how to program

  2. Microsoft says Windows 7 fixes notebook issues
  3. Windows 7 – natively booting from a .VHD file (Virtual PC image)
  4. MSMobiles has Windows Mobile 6.5 Alpha screenshots
  5. GamePolitics reporst proposed Oklahoma tax break excludes M-rated games
  6. Ars Technica’s exclusive: Microsoft to get Resident Evil 5 bundle, red 360s
  7. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
    and reports full Guitar Hero: Metallica tracklist revealed

  8. The Lord of the Rings Online welcome back week
  9. ATi-Forum has F.E.A.R. 2 – first benchmarks with HD 4870 & GTX 260 (write-up in German)
  10. Grand Theft Auto IV update version is available
  11. GamersHell has Call of Duty: World at War v1.1b mod tools
  12. TestFreaks review Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
  13. PC World on four freaky Half-Life 2 mods


  1. techPowerUp! reports first AMD benchmarks with DDR3 memory posted
  2. X-bit labs have Core i7 920 overclocking guide
    and high definition PC experience: graphics cards. vs. HD video playback

  3. InsideHW reviews Samsung SPF-105P digital photo frame
  4. Overclock3D reviews 750W Asus U-75HA PSU
  5. Overclockers Online reviews Titan Cool Idol (TTC-NK75TZ)

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