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Ronald Hanaki
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  1. GameCyte interviews Andrew Fear, senior product manager at Nvidia:
    is your future in stereo 3D?
  2. DigiTimes reports Intel updates desktop CPU details
  3. DailyTech reports SanDisk pulls a Yahoo, wants more money from Samsung
  4. ITC to probe Nintendo Wii patent infringement
  5. WSJ reports ‘Android’ cellphone priced at $199
  6. EFiX dongle perfectly transforms PC to Mac
  7. TG Daily reports AMD sees its future in Fusion
  8. Laptop reports Sony plans to enter the netbook market
  9. PC Pro reports Asus ships software cracker on recovery DVD
  10. X-bit labs report the time of affordable Blu-ray Disc players
    has not yet come – Blu-ray Disc Association
  11. NordicHardware reports Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship introduces betting
  12. AnandTech on understanding 8-channel LPCM over HDMI: why it matters and who supports it
  13. PC Perspective updates hardware leaderboard
  14. Tiniest Linux system yet?
  15. Ars Technica on Flat World Knowledge: an open-source textbook revolution?

Software and gaming

  1. Get the latest Google Chrome builds
  2. bit-tech on DirectX 11: a look at what’s coming
  3. TG Daily reports Photoshop CS4 coming on September 23
  4. TweakTown’s AMD Catalyst 8.9 analysisXP & Vista
  5. Windows Live Wave 3 beta released
  6. SuperSite for Windows posts Windows Live Wave 3 beta screenshot gallery
  7. Windows 7 M3 build 6780: the new Paint UI
  8. Icrontic publishes Windows driver collection guide
  9. Guru3D releases RivaTuner 2.11
  10. PCMech’s VMware Fusion 2.0 video review
  11. Spore DRM update: EA loosening one restriction in ‘near future,’ offers defense
  12. Shacknews has id’s Tim Willits on Rage, Xbox 360 disc controversy
  13. Gamasutra quotes id Software’s Willits: Rage mods may not be possible
  14. Björn3D looks at AMD’s Fusion gaming utility
  15. XNA Game Studio 3.0 beta is go!
  16. InformationWeek: video games are good for kids, experts find
  17. PCGH tuning: Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning
  18. Massgate reports Arizona and Valley maps for World in Conflict are available
  19. Gaming Heaven reviews Star Wars: Force Unleashed (Xbox 360 and PS3)
  20. Boot Daily’s Call of Duty: World at War—co-op olay video
  21. [OC]ModShop’s Madden NFL 09 strategy guide
  22. Atari Modern Classics

Systems and storage

  1. AnandTech’s mobile roundup: a trio of midrange laptops
  2. 3-D computer processor: ‘Rochester Cube‘ points way to more powerful chip designs
  3. TG Daily has high-end coprocessors: an overview
  4. Overclockers Club reviews Core 2 Duo E7200
  5. CPU3D reviews DFI LANParty JR 790GX-M2RS
  6. XSReviews on MSI P45 Platinum
  7. TechwareLabs review Asus M3N-HT Deluxe / Mempipe
  8. bit-tech reviews J&W’s MINIX 780G mini-ITX HTPC mobo
  9. Futurelooks reviews 4GB Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 memory kit
  10. Legit Reviews on 4GB and 8GB Corsair Flash Voyager Mini USB flash drives


  1. PC Perspective reviews BFG Tech GeForce GTX 260 MaxCore 896MB
  2. Motherboards.org reviews AMD Radeon HD 4670
  3. techPowerUp! reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB
  4. HardwareZone’s Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT roundup
  5. Overclockers Club and Tweaknews review Cirago HS-450 Mini Bluetooth headset
  6. HardwareLogic reviews OCZ Alchemy Series Elixir gaming keyboard
  7. MetkuMods have MSI Star Mouse GS-501 review and revelation about OEM manufacturing
  8. Rbmods review Logitech V550 Nano cordless laser mouse for notebooks
  9. I4U reviews Thrustmaster Glow Saber Duo Pack NW for Wii
  10. Icrontic reviews Sumo Omni Plus super-sized pillow

Power, casing, and cooling

  1. JonnyGuru reviews 500W Thermaltake Toughpower QFan PSU
  2. Overclock3D reviews Thermaltake Spedo Advance chassis
  3. Hardware Secrets reviews Tagan A+ Curbic case
  4. DriverHeaven reviews Hiper Osiris case
  5. Björn3D reviews Thermaltake Vi-on USB & eSATA drive enclosure
  6. Overclocker Café reviews Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer
  7. Technic3D reviews Auras Transformer (CTC-868) CPU cooler (in German)