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Thursday Shortbread

Ronald Hanaki
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  1. DSL Reports: ‘Godfather’ of DOCSIS looks beyond DOCSIS 3.0
  2. Fudzilla reports Intel’s GN40 Atom chipset can do 1080p
  3. ComputerWorld on 3G netbooks: Are they the cell phones of the future?
  4. AMD "Istanbul" demo: 24-cores operating & virtualization and upgrade demo
  5. Video: Inside Intel’s Fab 32 Arizona
  6. VR-Zone: Cooler Master to demo 20-core PC
    and GeForce 9800 GT Green – No external power needed
    and SiS makes controllers for SSD – Will it perform?
  7. OSNews reports ARM shows prototype netbooks
  8. DailyTech reports Dell unveils Studio XPS 435 desktop
  9. DriverHeaven interviews AMD software product manager Terry Makedon
  10. NordicHardware reports Swedish overclocker ME4ME
    equals bus overclocking record, 715.13MHz
  11. Fudzilla reports 16:9 aspect ratio to become mainstream by 2H 2009
  12. Pirate Bay trial day 8: Pirates kill the music biz
  13. TG Daily on Internet Safety Act: Welcome, Big Brother
  14. PC Perspective’s podcast #47
  15. Ars Technica cites study: Listening to podcasts better than going to lectures
  16. DailyTech: New study claims texting improves language skills in children
  17. Win a video card signed by Dave Orton (former CEO of ATI)
    and five HD 4650 1GB cards from DriverHeaven

Business news

  1. ComputerWorld reports SEC, FTC investigating Heartland after data theft
  2. Global chip market to fall 24 percent: Gartner
  3. EETimes: Intel’s Paul Otellini says business more predictable
  4. Yahoo open to sale, partnership for search business
  5. DigiTimes: hp and Foxconn to establish a new PC plant in Turkey, says paper
  6. C|Net reports Intel moves against Psion for ‘Netbook’ trademark
  7. New Microsoft patent-infringement case involves Linux
  8. U.S. top court rules for AT&T unit in antitrust case
  9. Apple investors get no satisfaction on Jobs
  10. Nokia considering entering laptop industry: CEO
  11. Mega-Irony: Microsoft digs up Apple’s 25 year old mistakes (editorial)
  12. TechFlash reports Kindle rival Shortcovers prepares to launch e-book store


  1. Electronista: Microsoft said shipping Windows 7 in September
  2. Announcing the Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RC
  3. IE8 reliability update for Windows 7 beta now available
  4. Windows Mobile 7 coming next year
  5. MS Office Live Workspace beta: New features
  6. C|Net reports Adobe patches Flash hole
  7. Ars Technica, ITreviewed, and SuperSite for Windows look at Safari 4
  8. Guru3D releases RivaTuner v2.24
  9. Phoronix reports its test suite gets a GUI
  10. tkArena reviews Vuze: BT and digital content in style


  1. CrunchGear reports the red Xbox 360 gets a photo spread
  2. gi on Electronic Arts: We’ve learned our lesson on release dates
  3. Joystiq quotes John Carmack: Quake Live on Mac, Linux ‘high on my priority list
  4. Impulse Driven – Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment now available
  5. Shacknews reports Prince of Persia ‘Epilogue’ DLC delayed
  6. Wired: Why the music industry hates Guitar Hero
  7. New WoW: Wrath of the Lich King trailer
  8. World of Warcraft: Public test realm patch notes (3.1.0)
  9. Steam news: Team Fortress 2 update released
  10. bit-tech’s The Conduit hands-on preview
  11. Gaming Heaven reviews Halo Wars (Xbox 360)

Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware reviews Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook
  2. ITreviewed on Dell Studio XPS 13
  3. Hard Tecs 4U’s market overview of AMD desktop processors (in German)
  4. Hi Tech Legion reviews Core i7 920
  5. Madshrimps have Core i7 X58 motherboards tested and compared
  6. HardwareZone reviews ASRock P43R1600Twins-WiFi
  7. Ninjalane reviews Sapphire Pure Innovation 780V motherboard
  8. Overclockers Club reviews 6GB OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum triple channel kit
  9. SysOpt reviews 640GB Samsung Spinpoint F1
  10. Legit Reviews on 16GB Super Talent Pico flash drive


  1. AnandTech’s multiGPU update: Does 3-way make sense?
  2. Guru3D’s exclusive – Radeon HD 4750 (RV740 – 40nm) preview
  3. TheTechLounge reviews Diamond Radeon HD 4870 1GB
  4. Tweaknews reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB
  5. TweakTown reviews PowerColor Radeon HD 4830
  6. Digital Trends reviews JVC Everio G GZ-MG670 HDD
  7. Digital Trends on Asus Xonar Essence STX
  8. TechwareLabs review FutureSonics Atrio earbuds
  9. TweakTown reviews Sony PRS-505 e-book reader

Power, cases, and cooling

  1. Overclock3D reviews 700W OCZ Fatal1ty PSU
  2. bit-tech and Hardware Secrets review Antec Nine Hundred Two case
  3. PureOverclock reviews In Win B2 Stealth Bomber case
  4. ProClockers review Cooler Master ATCS 840 case
  5. CowcotLand reviews akasa Enigma Mini ITX case (in French)
  6. Verdis Reviews on Vizo Orbiter HDD cooler
  7. DragonSteelMods and Rbmods review NH-U12P SE1366 CPU cooler
  8. Elite Bastards review Evercool Formula 2 graphics board cooler
  9. Björn3D reviews Coolink GFX-Chilla
  10. PCShopTalk reviews Scythe Thermal Elixer thermal grease
  11. Overclocker Café reviews Tuniq TR-1 thermal material remover