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Thursday Shortbread

Ronald Hanaki
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  1. OC Heaven posts Radeon HD 4890 3DMark score
  2. DigiTimes reports Intel to drop some desktop PC CPU prices 10 – 20%, launch new models
  3. Newfactor: What lawsuit? Psystar offers third-gen Mac clone
  4. DailyTech reports Apple reveals it intentionally crippled Bluetooth in iPod touch 2G
  5. Fudzilla reports MSI preparing a new AMD 770-based motherboard
    and researchers find Intel CPU rootkit
  6. TechwareLabs has an editorial about the OLPC project
  7. TweakTown reports sneaky trick enables SLI on non-SLI motherboard
  8. Tech ARP posts Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 RTM details rev. 4.0

Software and gaming

  1. Microsoft announces availability of Internet Explorer 8
  2. Microsoft on measuring browser performance: Understanding
    issues in benchmarking and performance analysis
  3. Update rollup for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (KB960384)
  4. Microsoft announces Silverlight 3 beta
  5. Microsoft Translator widget
  6. Microsoft’s SuperPreview: A web site developer’s new best friend?
  7. SuperSite for Windows: Windows 7 to improve on Vista compatibility
  8. Windows 7 vs. Vista graphics performance
  9. Ars Technica on deploying PyQt applications on Windows and Mac OS X
  10. Worldwide Telescope web client (alpha)
  11. Shacknews reports Team Fortress 2 update adds multicore rendering
  12. [OC]ModShop reviews Lord of the Rings: Conquest


  1. HardwareZone reviews Apple MacBook Pro: 17" of pure lust
  2. HotHardware reviews Digital Storm custom Core i7 gaming system
  3. Digital Trends: Dell reaches for luxury with the Adamo
  4. bit-tech reviews Zotac GeForce 9300 ITX WiFi motherboard
  5. Legit Reviews on Zotac GeForce 8200 ITX WiFi motherboard
  6. Björn3D reviews 6GB Kingston HyperX T1 1866 KHX14900D3T1K3/6GX kit


  1. Guru3D reviews Inno3D GeForce GTX 265 iChill Accelero
  2. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Asus EAH 4850 and EAH 4870 Matrix (in German)
  3. TestFreaks review EasyShare W1020 wireless digital frame with home decor kit
  4. Digital Trends reviews Vizio VSB210WS Soundbar
  5. Digital Trends reviews Nokia 7510 Supernova

Power, cases, and cooling

  1. [H] Enthusiast reviews 750W Xigmatek NRP-MC751 power supply
  2. DriverHeaven reviews Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 PSU
  3. Björn3D reviews Antec 900 2 gaming case
  4. TechSpot reviews 5 beautiful HTPC cases
  5. DeXgo reviews Antec Skeleton case (in German)
  6. TweakPC reviews GMC R3 Corona case (in German)
  7. Rbmods on Nexus Beamair

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