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Time for a real debate

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If you, like me, watched the U.S. Presidential debates with a combination of fascination, terror, and frustration, you may find this article nicely cathartic:

“You got a problem with me, Chesty?” asked the Texan.
“As a matter of fact I do,” replied Gore, leaning even deeper into Bush’s personal space.
“Well, if you don’t get out of my face, that’s not going to be your only problem,” Bush said shifting his weight to the balls of his feet, pushing his face up into the vice president’s.
“Oh really?” Gore asked as he puffed out his chest and looked down at Bush like a drill instructor.
“That’s right, Al,” Bush replied with a mixture of a smirk and a wince. “And let me add, you’ve got more than one problem already. Maybe you should have spent less time inventing the *$!^%*% internet and worked a bit more on a mouthwash that could do something about the stink comin’ outta you. Now I know why you had to hold your wife up like that when you kissed her. She musta been dizzier than a fly in a fertilizer factory.”
“It’s go time!”
“Bring it on.”

You’ve gotta love it. Even if you don’t, though, it’s better than reading all the lefty propaganda on Slashdot these days.

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson Former Editor-in-Chief

Scott Wasson is a veteran in the tech industry and the former Editor-in-Chief at Tech Report. With a laser focus on tech product reviews, Wasson's expertise shines in evaluating CPUs and graphics cards, and much more.