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Ronald Hanaki
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  1. Fudzilla interviews Nvidia’s CEO on ray tracing, Larrabee, Intel & future of games
    and reports AMD’s Foundry Co. to make graphics in late 2009
    and Intel X58 voltage work-around works

  2. Intel says will defend patent rights against AMD
  3. DailyTech reports rumors surface again claiming Nvidia will leave chipset business
  4. YouTube to sell music, games in revenue push
  5. Touch-screen BlackBerry coming this autumn: RIM
  6. TG Daily: the iPod is about done, Apple co-founder says
  7. Sound & Vision Magazine has Blu-ray 2008: the studio report card
  8. Scientist: holographic television to become reality
  9. Ars Technica: 750,000 lost jobs? The dodgy digits behind the war on P2P
  10. Facebook “friends” Live Search
  11. NGOHQ interviews Razer’s Robert Krakoff
  12. Hardware Secrets has everything you need to know about digital cameras

Software and gaming

  1. Mozilla Labs: introducing Geode
  2. AnandTech on the fun side of virtualization: virtualized gaming and Hyper-V benchmarking
  3. Engadget reports Microsoft set to launch Surface SDK this month
  4. Fast download and install of Microsoft’s web stack: IIS7,

    ASP.NET, SQL Express, Visual Web Developer, and more…

  5. Update rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (KB952580)
  6. SuperSite for Windows on Windows Ultimate Extras
  7. TG Daily reports NeuroSky and Square Enix demonstrate brainwave-controlled video game
  8. Analyst: Sony should consider PS3 price cuts in tough holiday battle
  9. Forbes on a very dangerous game
  10. Arcades dead beyond Japan
  11. Analyst: Tiberium cancellation damages EA’s credibility
  12. Strategy Informer’s Saint’s Row 2 interview

Systems, storage, and multimedia

  1. Mobile Computers has exclusive hands-on with Asus Eee PC 101
  2. Neoseeker reviews Gigabyte GA-EP45-T Extreme
  3. InsideHW reviews Biostar TPower I45
  4. TechwareLabs review 4GB ATP EarthDrive flash drive
  5. Motherboards.org reviews Thecus N5200BR NAS server
  6. DriverHeaven reviews Gainward Radeon HD 4870 1GB Golden Sample
  7. Overclock3D reviews HIS HD 4850 IceQ 4 TurboX 512MB
  8. TweakTown reviews MSI Radeon HD 4670
  9. Guru3D reviews Inno3D iChiLL 9800 GT Twin Turbo
  10. HardwareZone reviews Zotac GeForce 9600 GT DP
  11. Digital Trends reviews Canon Vixia HG21 HDD camcorder

Power, cases, and cooling

  1. Overclockers Club reviews 750W Lian Li Silent Force PSU
  2. Hardware Secrets reviews Bgears b-Envi case
  3. CowcotLand reviews SilverStone TJ10 case (in French)
  4. X-bit labs review Cooler Master V8 cooler
  5. ThinkComputes reviews Zalman CNPS9300 AT
  6. FrostyTech reviews EKL Alphenfohn GroB Clock’ner Blue Edition heatsink

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