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We're still steaming each of our podcast recording sessions live on Twitch. If you want a combination of our dulcet tones and, quite frankly, stunning visages, you'd do well to catch the next show live—or check out the YouTube edition of this show below.

Wed, 21 Jan 2015 00:40:47 -0500 DA22E784-677B-4148-B195-729CA8971DA2 Plus even more CES... 1:47:47
The TR Podcast 167: The best of 2014 & 2015, plus two freaking petabytes This episode kicks off with the latest and greatest geek movie trailers, namely Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Terminator Genisys (really don't like how they're spelling that name). Then it's straight into listener mail before a series of news and reviews. Highlights include Jordan feeling left out of... well, pretty much everything, and Geoff continuing his torturous SSD experiment.

We're still live streaming each of these new podcast episodes on Twitch.Tv... so yeah, that's still a thing. If you want a combination of our dulcet tones and, quick frankly, stunning visages, you'd do well to catch the show live or check out our YouTube edition.

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 14:46:21 -0500 350ABBB7-7BF6-4919-9FD3-EA15184BE6D3 Plus listener mail, Jordan feels left out, and other sad stuff 1:40:43
The TR Podcast 166: Reader questions, Asus answers, and our mobile recs Thu, 27 Nov 2014 00:09:19 -0500 AC73D470-89DF-4BED-90AC-047DD6C03E81 Plus Assassin's SNAFUs, Corsair cases, and more 1:26:20 The TR Podcast 165: Game reqs get inflated, benchmarks get weird, and Asus nails the X99-A Jordan is gone. Again. No idea where he went... and frankly, don't ask.

Othwerwise, our fearless panelists fare just fine, not only answering a variety of live questions from our livestream but also covering a wide slew of tech news and reviews.

Fri, 14 Nov 2014 01:33:11 -0500 8D86BBC9-331A-4E76-928C-3AB33BDA47E7 Plus the Pentium lawsuit, #poofgate, and more 1:30:02
The TR Podcast 164: We get twitchy over Apples, Nexuses, and beefy games We did something new this episode of the podcast. We opened the doors to the sausage factory and live streamed how it's all made. The results were nothing short of horrifying. If you're feeling adventurous (it is almost Halloween after all), click here to see the raw, uncut podcast carnage for yourself.

Otherwise, this podcast covers a wide gamut of topics including new products from Apple, the new Avengers trailer, earnings from Intel, Apple and AMD, and a ton of other stuff.

Thu, 30 Oct 2014 00:55:59 -0400 F1619DF6-B291-4A7F-8FC7-A3693F586F1A Plus the new Avengers trailer, earnings, and a lot more 1:16:18
The TR Podcast 163: Windows goes to 10 and Maxwell does DSR Wed, 12 Nov 2014 21:12:07 -0500 2B2FE870-A457-4EA9-BB39-CFF6BABF2BEE Plus listener mail and crazytown motherboards 1:16:28 The TR Podcast 162: Apple's biggest and Nvidia's fastest This is the part of the show notes where we list out all the great things you'll hear on this episode of the podcast. Here's the thing though... all that information is listed out nicely in the "Tech Discussion" bullets below. So why do you need to keep reading this section? It's a waste of your precious, precious, time! In fact, why am I wasting MY time writing this? 162 episodes of show notes... do you know how many hundreds of hours of show notes I've written? Think of how much I could have been accomplishing with my life if I had just through to tell you to read the listed article headlines literally an inch of screen real-estate below this section!!!

I need a drink.

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 09:59:42 -0400 A3F64FB5-DBC9-4DB2-81BA-1ADA61BA49EB Plus listener mail, storage innovations, and Minecraft 1:17:22
The TR Podcast 161: Haswell extremes, FX redux, and Tonga devil magic Wed, 10 Sep 2014 02:03:43 -0400 8214BCE1-6740-4195-88DA-22A782970C65 Plus a special guest and Nvidia vs. Samsung 1:26:33 The TR Podcast 160: Synchronicity We've really gone back to the drawing board on the latest episode of the TR Podcast... and I gotta tell you, what we've come back with is special. It's a straight shooting, tight-lipped eulogy of tech reporting without a trace of any of that horrible burping, personality, or tomfoolery. You'll love it.

Oh, and on this episode, you'll hear a ton about the next version of Windows, bugs in Intel's Haswell chips (reported first here on the Tech Report), AMD getting Mantle in the next version of OpenGL, and much, much more.

P.S. do you want us to stream live video of the show for our net recording session? Let us know in the comments!

P.P.S. Yes, we know there are issues with Scott's audio—unfix-able microphone malfunction.

Mon, 25 Aug 2014 22:58:57 -0400 880E0476-7A92-4CFB-AA28-261AB5536858 Now made 100% burp free 1:03:06
The TR Podcast 159: Kaveri returns, Shield delivers, and Brix gets game Ok. We admit it. Things got a bit out of hand on this episode of the podcast. Uh... you'll find out what we mean when you listen. Otherwise, it's a smashing episode. Really.

Want to know what's in this episode? Guess what, we have a whole list of everything talked about on the show right below this section. How great is that?!

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 00:33:31 -0400 880E0476-7A92-4CFB-AA28-261AB5536857 Plus high-tech gaming mice, EA lets their games off the leash, and much more 1:24:55
The TR Podcast 158: Planet of the Shield Tablets Jordan is back. Thank God in Heaven.

Oh, we also talk about stuff, like the difference between Geoff's and Cyril's voices, how the TR BBQ went, and whether or not we're looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy (hint: Jordan is). Moving on, the panel discusses the possibility of larger iPhones, changes to the Steam controller, and the exciting new Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 01:34:16 -0400 1E8A88D2-4612-4B92-8387-7E4EB063A419 Plus Guardians of the Galaxy and big iPhones 56:37
The TR Podcast 157: BBQ fever and the Pentium overclocking prodigy We are once again hostless this episode (no, Jordan didn’t take a nap this time) but our team soldiers on regardless. We kick open the episode talking to Mike, a.k.a. Just Brew It, the head TR Forum moderator. Scott and Mike discuss the much-anticipated TR BBQ in Holland, Michigan, including whether or not camping on the beach is a wise BBQ strategy.

Moving on to the rest of the episode, our team talks 60 FPS content on YouTube and Gearbox’s next original game. Then, Geoff explains the excellent Samsung 850 Pro SSD, followed by a hard-core mechanical keyboard showdown between Corsair and a contender from Rosewill. Finally, Scott overclocks both Intel's Core i7-4790K and the Pentium G3258 "Anniversary Edition" processor and lives to tell about it.

Mon, 14 Jul 2014 00:57:07 -0400 50704064-6119-4B86-A07F-C8167A49AF6C Plus mechanical keyboards and 60 FPS YouTube 1:32:20
The TR Podcast 156: Computex, WWDC, and E3 To kick off the episode, we welcome a new TR writer, Jeffrey Kampman, to the show. Then, it's on to a deep dive into the hottest announcements from Computex. Cyril give us the lowdown on AMD's Kaveri APU, Scott talks about Cavium's 48-core ARM processor, and the staff talks 4K monitors, including the Asus PB287Q that Scott reviewed.

Next, Jordan and Jeffrey geek out over the latest from Apple's WWDC event, and Geoff follows up with his review of Crucial's MX100 solid-state drive. We wrap up the show with a slew of gaming stories from E3.

Fri, 20 Jun 2014 02:23:54 -0400 48974B71-8608-44D2-809B-C4406B706AB7 Plus a new co-host, Batman's tank, and much more 1:30:00
The TR Podcast 155: Surface Pro 3 and a trio of gaming mice After a long and lustrous slumber, Jordan is back to host another episode of the TR Podcast. As a result, our corny joke quotient is off the charts. After some listener mail and discussion of our upcoming TR BBQ (mark your calendars for July 19; it's gonna be big), we welcome special guest and top-10 contributor Ryu Connor to the podcast to discuss, among other things, what's wrong with our collective computers.

After Ryu's 15 minutes of Z-level fame, we are joined by Nathan Wasson (a.k.a. Junior Damage). Scott's firstborn guides us through his review of three exciting Corsair mice. Finally, our team vivisects the new Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft before bringing our show to a glorious and masterful close.

Tue, 27 May 2014 00:37:39 -0400 6DCEF23D-7B43-4BF2-A455-FE61099AA1AC Plus two guests and an awake host 1:25:50
The TR Podcast 154: AMD's K12, OCZ's future and the Z97 invasion begins Sun, 11 May 2014 23:42:34 -0400 48602C19-84B5-452A-875B-7C9667A43EC7 Plus a top-10 contributor and a missing host 1:44:55 The TR Podcast 153: 4K ascendant, CodingHorror resplendent After two quick listener mail questions, we introduce a special guest to the TR Podcast: Jeff Atwood, author of Coding Horror and the brains behind Stack Overflow and Jeff is one of our top 10 contributors, and he's also a former TR writer who once did some development work for the site.

After we catch up with Jeff, Scott and the team discuss Intel's refreshed Haswell CPUs. Then, Scott provides a deep dive into the Radeon R9 295 X2 GPU and the current state of 4K gaming. To finish off our episode, we discuss Samsung's 28" single-tile 4K display, and Cyril pontificates about Valve's Steam controller.

Tue, 22 Apr 2014 23:41:24 -0400 754E1DB9-4A38-48B5-B5FE-57346A561DEB Plus, AMD's Radeon R9 295 X2, listener mail, and more 1:32:07
The TR Podcast 152: Intel's new desktop mojo, DX12, and TR does subscriptions Mon, 24 Mar 2014 00:43:31 -0400 85AF6A7D-98CD-4C8F-B88F-508C8076331C Plus lots of news from GDC, listener mail, and more 1:25:50 The TR Podcast 151: Key switch explosion, the new System Guide, and overclocked SSDs Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:50:12 -0400 106761D7-AEA2-406E-A11C-425BB1B594EC Plus, Jordan podcasts from the bathroom sink... #truestory 1:05:21 The TR Podcast 150: From Mantel to Maxwell, and beyond We're back after a long a depressingly long absence. Can you find it in your heart to forgive us? We really hope so...

Anyway, this episode kicks off with an update on our podcast hosting—and some juicy details about our listener base. Next up: listener mail and a slew of news stories, from the Comcast-Time Warner Cable axis of evil to rumored Broadwell processor delays. Then, Scott and Cyril dissect the performance of AMD's Mantle API, Scott reviews the GeForce TX 750 Ti, and Geoff shares his experience casually dating the Cooler Master QuickFire Ultimate mechanical keyboard. Tune in to find out if the relationship gets serious.

Wed, 26 Feb 2014 23:50:12 -0500 5CE4D38F-77F8-4EE2-A78C-0AEA5F709AD8 Plus listener mail, Jordan eats Chinese food, and Geoff plays with a keyboard 1:20:01
The TR Podcast 149: Kaveri ain't just a river in India Mon, 27 Jan 2014 12:47:00 -0500 5CD3E395-6399-4E1F-80B5-3EDEA9721C9D Plus cheap(ish) 4K, hard drive reliability, and Cup Noodles 1:36:42 The TR Podcast 148: Not quite live from Las Vegas Tue, 14 Jan 2014 14:16:48 -0500 4CD3E395-6399-4E1F-80B5-3EDEA9721C9D Get the scoop on the Consumer Electronics Show from our crew as Scott reports not-quite-live from Sin City itself. 1:02:14 The TR Podcast 147: Amazon airlifts, 4K goes mainstream, and 290X goes wobbly Thu, 12 Dec 2013 00:25:57 -0500 E1BFAF90-897C-4750-8AC9-3369E7870F00 Plus listener mail and cottage cheese 1:28:02 The TR Podcast 146: Cyril gets cranked on cold medicine and talks AMD Mon, 25 Nov 2013 22:04:50 -0500 DADBF446-D7F6-4BA9-8835-8402C62BC62F Plus Geoff and Google are on the ropes, listener mail, and more 1:31:59 The TR Podcast 145: The mailbag and top-tier graphics Thu, 14 Nov 2013 23:01:54 -0500 DE314EDA-3396-4CE5-AC08-405343B6711D Plus an update on SSDs, and Jordan's tech woes 1:24:49 The TR Podcast 144: Flagship cards and broken backs Mon, 28 Oct 2013 01:04:57 -0400 6C1849E1-B3CE-428E-941B-687823D96565 Plus Nvidia's G-Sync, the new toys from Apple, and more 2:00:56 The TR Podcast 143: Steamy news from Hawaii Tue, 08 Oct 2013 01:38:29 -0400 449CA5F3-E057-4FFF-BB16-3D1AC6360FE2 Plus listener mail, a roomy case review, and more 1:29:38 The TR Podcast 142: Intel intros everything at IDF and we react Sun, 22 Sep 2013 21:22:38 -0400 B209F9F3-5737-4CA8-9E21-A3D9DC6FDD50 Plus iPhone 5S and 5C, listener mail, and more 1:22:49 The TR Podcast 141: Haswell laptops, Ivy Bridge-E, and colored coolers Mon, 09 Sep 2013 01:36:31 -0400 C3C3B657-76A7-4D5F-A3D1-C1E113BA92BF Plus Robocop, listener mail, and more 1:37:57 The TR Podcast 140: Remaking the desktop PC Mon, 26 Aug 2013 01:00:21 -0400 DCF36B8D-93AE-416F-9CBF-DA5C7E5C6CF5 Plus lots of gaming news, Cyril's gull, and listener mail 1:09:54 The TR Podcast 139: Frame pacing and Carmackulus Mon, 12 Aug 2013 00:35:12 -0400 D9FB213A-489C-4346-A6C8-DF4E04C76897 Plus black-and-white games, roaches in the printer, and more 1:02:08 The TR Podcast 138: Samsung's snazzy SSD and Intel's automagical data center Mon, 29 Jul 2013 02:14:21 -0400 5CBC2D4B-00AF-499E-9856-A3ACCE9FA188 Plus listener mail and the freakin' NSA 1:45:54 The TR Podcast 137: The long reach of ARM Mon, 15 Jul 2013 00:23:39 -0400 4D418FCE-DB89-4ECB-8373-618D96B03308 Plus life with the Galaxy S4, listener mail, and more 1:11:16 The TR Podcast 136: A whole heap of AMD news While Cyril is hard at work on our next system guide, the rest of the gang congregate for our latest episode of the TR Podcast. We kick things off with a couple of listener mail questions about next-gen consoles and the merits of overclocking. Then, before we dive into a long PC hardware journey, Jordan digresses to give us a cursory report on Man of Steel—and a glowing review of NYC's sensational new Cronut confection.

After discussing Nvidia's surprising new move to license Kepler, Scott leads us through four AMD stories about everything from coming server processors to the new Richland APUs. Finally, our gang discusses the new and intriguing Mac Pro, a series of gaming stories (including Microsoft's Xbox One backpedaling), and the PlayStation 4's potential for supremacy.

Sun, 23 Jun 2013 22:51:49 -0400 D93E1D20-F01A-4F64-8589-7D59FF921220 Plus PS4 vs. the Xbone, Man of Steel and Cronuts, and listener mail 1:33:45
The TR Podcast 135: All's well that's Haswell Sun, 09 Jun 2013 22:45:27 -0400 1F867A48-2EE3-48E7-9ADD-E710C1471F64 Plus a new Titan-ish GPU from Nvidia, new bumper music, and Haswell overclocked 1:33:43 The TR Podcast 134: Xbone, Kabini, and not quite a Titan Mon, 27 May 2013 22:49:28 -0400 EB60582E-2093-4235-967C-4F4AB0747BBB Plus a slew of Haswell motherboards and more 1:33:43 The TR Podcast 133: Iris graphics and the Radeon HD 7990 Sun, 05 May 2013 22:26:09 -0400 2A83A962-8D27-4BB2-B8DB-9DA56B9D4327 Plus listener mail, poetry, and exciting new cases 1:15:02 The TR Podcast 132: BioShock, bundles and big SSDs Sun, 21 Apr 2013 21:43:47 -0400 1EE615EE-96EB-4D3C-BF8F-AEB5768E154A Plus listener mail, the next version of Windows, and more 1:13:30 The TR Podcast 131: News from GDC and FCAT attacks Mon, 01 Apr 2013 01:53:25 -0400 92686D9A-0B61-4EA1-9438-3D89A73971C9 Plus listener mail and North Korea's impending attack 1:57:46 The TR Podcast 130: A series of grunts about convertible tablets Sun, 17 Mar 2013 23:15:24 -0400 2878DD2A-9DA3-4FD0-AA9A-14204630EDC3 Plus the Sim City fiasco, high tech skiing, next-gen gaming, and more 1:27:46 The TR Podcast 129: PlayStation 4, Titan, and more Sun, 24 Feb 2013 21:52:05 -0500 501E74A9-A142-437F-ABDE-B88183491351 Plus a trio of Mini-ITX motherboards, and listener mail 1:07:44 The TR Podcast 128: Rough surfaces and a change for Catalyst Mon, 04 Feb 2013 00:54:30 -0500 83EBF60F-FC1D-49E9-8443-AE8C91E10C7E Plus the post-PC world, local game streaming, and more 1:01:50 The TR Podcast 127: The CES 2013 extravaganza Tue, 22 Jan 2013 03:02:54 -0500 52F8D1A4-31C1-44E1-92ED-75385461289A Plus, CES... just a lot of CES 1:26:38 The TR Podcast 126: As the second turns, an unexpected journey We've got a lot to talk about in our first episode of 2013. We kick things off with four listener mail questions, which cover everything from Windows 8 to the state of the union for PC gaming. Then, our panelists discuss Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, and Cyril talks about his review of AMD's Radeon HD 8790 mobile GPU.

To bring a measure of conclusion to our recent inside-the-second benchmarking controversies, Scott brings us up to speed on the industry voices—including Intel and AMD—that have weighed in on the matter. Finally, Geoff gives us the low-down on his review of Samsung's speedy 840 Pro SSD.

Sun, 06 Jan 2013 19:43:23 -0500 6515BD4C-2174-4778-ABDE-705B0566129D Plus Samsung's newest SSD and listener mail 1:17:58
The TR Podcast 125: The Radeon vs. GeForce brouhaha comes home for Christmas Sun, 16 Dec 2012 23:43:32 -0500 92400BF7-4C4A-4A0F-BBAC-4594A4CBD72B Plus Christmas gifts, how to build a PC, and more 1:22:45 The TR Podcast 124: Vector victor, NUC, Fluke After a week's delay for turkey consumption, we are back on the TR Podcast with a short and sweet show. Things kick off with two listener mail questions, after which we move right on to an exciting and imaginative new novel written by our own Cyril Kowaliski. The team discusses Cyril's inspiration for the story, potential advances in biomedical research, how we techies view the future, and a lot more. You can get your own e-copy of the book for just $2.99 on Amazon—and TR gets a cut of the proceeds.

Then, Geoff's new favorite indie game—a side-scrolling ninja extravaganza—goes under the microscope. That prompts a discussion of stealth versus slaughter in modern action games like the new Hitman: Absolution. Scott is up next with his review of the intriguing Intel NUC, and finally, Geoff lays out two brand new SSDs that have passed through his benchmarking gauntlet.

Mon, 03 Dec 2012 01:18:19 -0500 37ABD59F-8FC0-46EB-A8C5-112428212FAC Plus listener mail, side-scrolling ninjas, and more 1:08:52
The TR Podcast 123: Incremental improvements Tue, 13 Nov 2012 00:38:56 -0500 CD5D189A-0A18-49BE-8DF7-54D65B5077EA Windows 8, iPhone 5, a new System Guide, and more 1:22:17 The TR Podcast 122: Windows 8, VivoTab RT, and FX-8350 Mon, 29 Oct 2012 02:13:09 -0400 C917EE7D-A73E-4FE0-9EEC-72A1831AACEC Plus listener mail, Borderland 2 and Dishonored, and more 1:34:38 The TR Podcast 121: APUs, GPUs, and SSDs Mon, 15 Oct 2012 01:39:09 -0400 AD39C8E5-5D2D-4AD3-AB62-60457A7FC347 Plus a bird in our studio, listener mail, and more 1:29:54 The TR Podcast 120: Borderlands 2, iOS 6, and the problem with staged releases Mon, 01 Oct 2012 01:02:33 -0400 524E1557-7CAA-45E1-9995-EFD9607C0493 Plus a speedier website, listener mail, and more... 1:11:45 The TR Podcast 119: GTX 660, Haswell, Sleeping Dogs and iPhone 5 Sun, 16 Sep 2012 23:57:48 -0400 B1E22F7F-D7F5-4609-98CD-4C48E8F94833 Plus listener mail and a sexy Asus ultraportable 1:35:48 The TR Podcast 118: CPUs inside the second, and steamrolling the Forcepad We've got a substantial episode of the TR Podcast this round. Our panel kicks things off by discussing a LAN party of epic proportions at Damage Labs, the latest Radeon price drops, and a chunky triple-slot graphics card from PowerColor. Then, it's on to the milestone jury decision for the Apple v. Samsung case, which earns commentary from Scott and Cyril.

Next, Ubisoft's CEO says something profoundly silly, and we point and laugh. We look at some new tablets from Samsung and HP, which feature the same detachable keyboard design as Asus' Transformer slates. Jordan and Geoff examine new touchpad tech from Synaptics as well as Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone. Finally, Scott and Jordan dive into the nitty-gritty of AMD's Steamroller architecture, and Scott wraps up the show by going inside the second with today's CPUs.

Mon, 03 Sep 2012 12:27:29 -0400 512539B1-66C1-4BB7-997A-3CD15779A3F1 Plus, Scott's epic LAN party, the Galaxy S III, and new Samsung and HP tablets 1:53:47
The TR Podcast 117: Clicky keys, sultry sound and sweet-spot graphics Mon, 20 Aug 2012 00:01:20 -0400 5BCC97B6-64EA-40FC-9A26-C8AA2AD5A8AF GeForce GTX 660 Ti vs. a boosted Radeon, morning podcasting & more 1:14:49 The TR Podcast 116: The Nexus between Batman and Korean IPS displays Mon, 06 Aug 2012 01:01:15 -0400 F1BCDB30-201A-4648-8DEA-19704440FEE7 Plus listener mail, Jordan is back, and Windows 8 is already a stinker 1:59:09 The TR Podcast 115: Dude, where's my host? Mon, 16 Jul 2012 02:02:40 -0400 CE90F51D-9FFD-490E-85DE-D5A9AEFEBD08 Max Payne 3, three-screen gaming, and a system guide - without our host 1:04:29 The TR Podcast 114: Gigahertz graphics and high-def tablets We kick off this pre-holiday podcast with a couple of GPU reviews. Scott joins us to discuss AMD's new Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition—before returning to his family, which includes the newborn Wasson progeny, William Thomas Wasson. Cyril chimes in with his take on Nvidia's GeForce GT 640.

Moving on, we discuss tablet announcements from Microsoft and Google, and we talk about Geoff's experience with the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, which he compared with the new iPad from Apple. Last, but not least, Geoff gives us the scoop on recent trends in solid-state and mechanical storage pricing.

Mon, 02 Jul 2012 01:21:18 -0400 7461EB91-B43F-4D1F-85A9-DEE979041394 Plus storage prices, a disappointing GPU, and more 1:23:01
The TR Podcast 113: Asian Fusion at 220 PPI Sun, 17 Jun 2012 23:33:55 -0400 914E0FB2-F2B3-479E-A740-F5992F732072 Plus next-gen game engines, listener mail, E3, and more 1:33:48 The TR Podcast 112: By Kepler's beard, it's Trinity! Tue, 29 May 2012 11:50:30 -0400 9759361D-8DBC-4AEC-8344-DD3B213CE193 Plus why we love The Avengers, Scott reports from GTC, and more 1:32:04 The TR Podcast 111: Spandex, SLI, and a snap-together tablet Sun, 06 May 2012 23:55:18 -0400 08BCE393-7AA0-4261-8C15-51D5591969C3 Plus listener mail, Ridley Scott is back, and more... 1:10:10 The TR Podcast 110: The lowdown on Ivy Bridge and her mobos Intel's long-awaited Ivy Bridge processors (and our review) come out in concert with this latest episode of the TR Podcast. Before diving into the new Intel gear, our hosts discuss the beautiful CryEngine 3, our trepidation about the teased Crysis 3, and an upcoming title that Geoff is very excited about.

Then, it's right into the scoop on Ivy Bridge. Scott and Geoff discuss the performance of the new chips (in both stock and overclocked configurations), and Geoff evaluates the new array of Z77 motherboards with unpronounceable. To round out the episode, we have pricing updates on AMD's Radeon HD 7900-series GPUs, a look at two mechanical keyboards from Corsair, and a 10,000 RPM hard drive from Western Digital. Finally, Cyril and the gang talk about how TR gets its beautiful product photos.

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 00:20:24 -0400 C25C2A55-065D-45F1-A1E6-376F13BE65B0 Plus behind-the-scenes photography, mechanical keyboards, and more 1:26:46
The TR Podcast 109: Dude where's my Apple tax? Mon, 09 Apr 2012 02:12:08 -0400 C07A5C22-1901-4027-A9ED-88D309D3D6EB Plus new Radeons and a new roundup of earbuds 1:22:10 The TR Podcast 108: Take three tablets and call Dr. Kepler in the morning Mon, 26 Mar 2012 01:30:40 -0400 3562FFA3-4382-4E80-B75E-02B4F880AD40 Plus ice cream sandwiches and listener mail 1:40:11 The TR Podcast 107: Chasing Ivy and mechanical keyboards Sun, 04 Mar 2012 23:12:50 -0500 ECA0414F-87A7-4867-95A4-B1C919EB14EB Plus the iPad 3, Windows 8, a scurvy Schooner, and more 1:13:55 The TR Podcast 106: New Radeons and a new AMD Mon, 20 Feb 2012 01:46:24 -0500 7A69FAE6-E7D1-476E-870B-95D60141353F Plus Jordan's reality show neighbors, the new Damage Labs, and more... 1:19:41 The TR Podcast 105: Eye candy and SSD scaling Mon, 06 Feb 2012 00:36:28 -0500 F79B1DCB-2F40-45C4-9023-D089E8455009 Plus Jordan's favorite podcasts, the all drug olympics, and more 1:13:20 The TR Podcast 104: The rundown on CES 2012 Mon, 23 Jan 2012 03:30:34 -0500 8AF2507A-2EBF-4638-A21A-57CDE110F822 Plus a roundup of earbuds for smartphones 1:58:49 The TR Podcast 103: Down and dirty with the 7970 We ring in a new year of tech reporting this week with listener mail, a monster review, and special guest. After answering questions from listeners Mike and Daniel, Scott and guest co-host David Kanter of Real World Technologies get down and dirty with AMD's new Radeon HD 7970 GPU—a monster of a card that prompts some intense discussion and dissection.

Then, we take a look at the games we can't wait for in 2012, including Mass Effect 3, Far Cry 3, and a slew of other exciting titles. Finally, Geoff and Cyril discuss Geoff's review of Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet.

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 01:17:40 -0500 CC994B37-687E-4157-845F-0E8D51E8C0E6 Plus the games we can't wait to play, and the Transformer Prime 1:37:08
The TR Podcast 102: Future TV and a holiday Ti fighter Mon, 19 Dec 2011 00:04:48 -0500 51EFE6F3-D39B-468E-8A11-B9B7B1C12449 Plus The Dark Knight Rises, listener mail, and more 1:12:09 The TR Podcast 101: Scott really hates the Kindle Fire We're officially a three-digit podcast—and happy to be back to vocal tech reporting after a nice Thanksgiving break. We kick off this episode with listener mail and quickly move onto a Christmas list discussion, which is severely lacking in Christmas cheer. Then, Geoff and Cyril explain why we're excited about Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime, right before Scott gives a scathing review of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Seriously, he hates this thing.

Moving into the gaming world, we're excited about Infinity Blade II but not amused by the many hoops required to play Batman: Arkham City on the PC. Despite the frustrating gameplay detours, Scott thinks Arkham City is one of the best games of the year and explains why.

In keeping with our new frame-time benchmarking methodology, Cyril discusses some of his findings after running some mid-range GPUs throughout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. To wrap things up, Scott gives us a quick overview of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448, and Geoff talks about his two latest storage reviews.

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 02:35:44 -0500 843E1A15-DE24-4BD1-B805-1FA32B25EA03 ...and loves Batman: Arkham City 1:36:55
The TR Podcast 100: The big 1-0-0 Three years, nine months and five days from the release of episode one of the TR Podcast, we have arrived at episode 100! We kick off this momentous show with a look back at our first episode published in February of 2008. We also read commentary and thoughts contributed by our loyal listeners. As we round out the rest of 2011, you can expect a few other milestone celebration extras, but for now, we're very happy to be at the big 1-0-0. We're also excited to include a giveaway with this episode: five copies of Skyrim will go to randomly selected commenters courtesy of our sponsor, Nvidia.

Moving into the rest of the show, we start with an updated discussion of Battlefield 3, prompted by our latest reader poll. Then, it's a sobering report from the recent layoffs at AMD that have hugely impacted the company's PR staff. AMD isn't the only firm cutting back; Adobe is also getting rid of Flash for mobile, and we can't say that we're entirely upset by this decision. In a break of agenda, Jordan brings up the new Steve Jobs biography, and we spend a few minutes commenting on the detailed vision author Walter Issacson gives us of the brilliant yet troubled former Apple CEO.

In other news, the PC hardware world has been hugely affected by the flooding in Thailand, and Geoff breaks down what the supply chain problems mean for HDD prices. We then look at Cyril's analysis of mid-range GPUs in Battlefield 3, which utilizes our new frame-time measurement technique, after which Scott and Geoff dissectSandy Bridge-E and its accompanying X79 chipset. Finally, Cyril gives us the scoop on Asus' first ultrabook.

Mon, 14 Nov 2011 01:20:41 -0500 89C794EF-D27E-41F7-8519-CA643A7C6E2A Celebrating 100 episodes with a packed episode and a giveaway! 1:50:11
The TR Podcast 99: New PC builds for a new Battlefield Sun, 30 Oct 2011 23:30:48 -0400 A19C5321-3BEA-4C93-8CAB-77ABDE5F912F Plus listener mail and Bulldozer thread scheduling 1:15:41 The TR Podcast 98: Of Bulldozers and Rage Mon, 17 Oct 2011 01:44:42 -0400 E6AEBFE5-7615-4882-B5F9-89D50E1E4D3A Plus Steve Jobs in memoriam, an interview with Asus, and more... 2:09:59 The TR Podcast 97: Sweet spot SSDs and Amazon's new Kindles In TR Podcast tradition, we kick off this episode with a lengthy round-table gaming discussion. Cyril relates his experiences with the Battlefield 3 beta and TrackMania 2, after which our panel goes over some of the more notable titles on the horizon, including Rage, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Modern Warfare 3.

Next, the panelists change gears and share their thoughts on Amazon's new Kindles—especially the Kindle Fire, which Scott believes will be a commercial success. We round out the episode with a look at Asus' big honkin' Llano notebook and a slew of new 120-128GB solid-state drives.

Mon, 03 Oct 2011 02:05:30 -0400 4335FCC6-E8E2-48E5-831F-6835B71C1915 Plus a slew of gaming stories, Asus' Llano laptop, and more... 1:31:12
The TR Podcast 96: IDF and inside the second Sun, 18 Sep 2011 22:50:10 -0400 24DE73D5-AB0A-4B61-8426-0DBCE148A011 Plus crazy keyboards, Windows 8, listener tweets, and more... 1:42:12 The TR Podcast 95: Razer's Blade, Jobs retires, and a PC in your palm After answering a trio of listener mail questions, we kick off this episode of the TR Podcast with talk of Razer's new Blade laptop, an unusual, intriguing, and pricy gaming laptop that will most likely be either amazing or very gimmicky. Then, we move on to gameplay footage from the next Counter-Strike title from Valve, which we follow up with Cyril's review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

After the gaming discussion, our own David Morgan gives us the scoop on a stylish case from Fractal Design, and Jordan has a podcast exclusive review of Jawbone's Jambox bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. In a sober turn of agenda, we then discuss Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO, as well as our latest TR comic. Finally, Geoff cracks open the Zotac Zbox AD10 Plus nettop—a tiny yet powerful system that quite literally fits in your palm.

Mon, 05 Sep 2011 00:44:20 -0400 5A9183A0-AEBD-47B8-AFD5-64938A012114 Plus listener mail, gaming news, and more... 1:23:56
The TR Podcast 94: Dorm PCs and playing with blocks Despite civil unrest percolating in the Kansas City area, our own Scott Wasson is safe, sound, and back from a great time hanging with the TR readership at the Tech Report BBQ 2011. After we get the scoop on Scott's trip to the shores of Lake Michigan, we cover two major news items: HP sending shockwaves through the tech industry by signaling its intent to spin off its PC business and nix its WebOS devices, and Google acquiring Motorola Mobility. Then, it's an in-depth look at our latest TR system guide, which includes a back-to-school Dorm PC and a selection of laptops and tablets for students.

The second half of the show is all gaming news and discussion. We examine how tessellation is used (for better or worse) in Crysis 2, new footage from Battlefield 3 that has us even more excited, Valve's announcement of a Counter-Strike sequel, Borderlands 2, and in-game footage from Guild Wars 2.

Sun, 21 Aug 2011 22:54:43 -0400 ADE95D93-A2BF-4E89-B9FD-5EBD442B737B Plus a slew of gaming news, the biggest news of the week, and more 1:24:05
The TR Podcast 93: A trifecta of tablets Mon, 08 Aug 2011 20:18:07 -0400 9B30D2DE-8835-43AE-B2F2-68F760F86369 Wherein we study the Eee Pad Transformer, iPad 2, and Galaxy Tab 1:22:41 The TR Podcast 92: Fusion, the cloud, and dongles galore We kick off this episode by answering some listener questions, delving into the latest cloud computing solutions from Microsoft, the possibilities of reviewing the new Samsung Chromebook, and the many AMD Fusion options that have befuddled one of our readers. Then, after a little RSS housekeeping, we dive into two stories from Apple. Our panel analyzes the record numbers from the Mac maker's latest earnings report, discusses the latest updates to the MacBook Air lineup, and gets the scoop from Cyril as to whether or not Lion is worth the $29.99 asking price.

We then move into a series of recent posts and stories from TR, including our newest comic from Fred Silver, Geoff's review of the Asus Xonar U3 USB audio device, and Cyril's take on the Diamond VStream wireless HDMI adapter. We also revisit (albeit for a third time now) AMD's Llano APU, exploring two new variables of faster RAM and IGP-only power consumption. We wrap things up with Cryil's Gladwellian (I think we just made up a word) look at the science of fanboys, plus a quick peek at a very powerful little Z68 Mini-ITX motherboard from Zotac.

Mon, 25 Jul 2011 23:37:34 -0400 52FFEC25-6FDC-463E-B0AD-91F738C3CBFC Plus better audio for laptops, Samsung's Chromebook, and more 1:11:59
The TR Podcast 91: Llano is Audi Sun, 10 Jul 2011 18:34:53 -0400 9DF1EB73-145F-40C4-8968-97D16E31F72D Get the scoop on desktop Fusion, DiRT 3, odd cases, and more 1:08:42 The TR Podcast 90: Retro gaming and future Fusion After answering two listener mail questions, we walk down memory lane as our editors recall their first encounters with id Software's Quake, a game that has just recently celebrated it's 15th anniversary. On the topic of gaming nostalgia, we question whether or not the newly released Duke Nukem Forever lives up to its 15-year-old predecessor. Then, based on a recent TR Friday Night Topic, we round out our gaming discussion by reveling in some of our favorite video game scores.

We spend the second half of this show diving deep into AMD's new Llano accelerated processing unit. Scott and Geoff examine the hardware and its performance, giving everyone the low-down on how AMD's latest bid for mobile processor dominance fairs.

Mon, 27 Jun 2011 00:04:02 -0400 CB585D43-163B-4015-8A52-6D41AABA9834 Walking down memory lane and examining AMD's latest CPU 1:25:00
The TR Podcast 89: A case-load of Computex We have lots to cover in this episode of the TR Podcast. Geoff is back from Computex with a slew of stories, sneak peeks, and new products for us to geek out about. The highlights of our Computex unpacking include Noctua's "better" 120-mm fan, the rising trend of white computer cases, and new notebooks and platforms from Intel that combine speed, portability, and affordability in very exciting ways.

Moving on from Computex, we welcome guest podcaster and TR reviewer David Morgan, who details his review of the NZXT H2 mid-tower enclosure. We also analyze the new Wii U gaming console and bemoan a disappointing Duke Dukem demo. Finally, it's the newest from Microsoft and Apple when we dive into Windows 8 and Apple's iOS 5 and iCloud.

Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:17:37 -0400 089F6A23-80DB-454F-B08E-BA71D9054F0A Plus, Windows 8 and iOS 5, Duke disappoints, Wii U?!? and more 1:34:26
The TR Podcast 88: Exposing the midrange Despite some technicial difficulties, we join you for another lively episode of tech reporting with Jordan, Scott, Geoff, and Cyril. After answering some listener mail, our panel discusses Scott's new computer and his aging software toolset, which includes Microsoft Office 2000, an old copy of Paint Shop Pro, and other legacy programs like Homesite 5. Then, it's on to two gaming stories: Duke Nukem Forever going gold (we never thought we'd see it) and the hauntingly artistic trailer for Dead Island, which is followed by a gameplay demo that has our panelists divided.

Geoff had to leave early for this episode, so we bid him farewell right after he details the Z68 chipset's new Virtu d-Mode, which fixes some problems we encountered in our Z68 review. To wrap things up, we look at the GeForce GTX 560, an impressive enclosure from Corsair, and Antec's Rockus 3D speakers.

Mon, 30 May 2011 15:04:12 -0400 561A43DD-516D-403F-AEC6-3EA203B37F26 Graphics, cases, and speakers 1:13:09
The TR Podcast 87: The Tri-fecta: 3D transistors, Z68, and Level 10 GT This episode is all about quality over quantity. We kick things off by introducing our special guest, semiconductor industry analyst David Kanter. David gives us the low-down on the intricacies of Intel's new 3D transistor technology, including practical thoughts about what 3D transistors mean for the rest of the industry.

Our geeky fab process discussion over, we switch gears with a quick round of listener mail, before diving into the highly anticipated "deluxe" Z68 Express chipset from Intel. Geoff outlines all of the features that make this chipset unique, including the new and peculiar SSD caching system. Finally, Cyril discusses the Thermaltake Level 10 GT, a revamp of one of the most expensive and unusual cases we've ever tested.

Sun, 15 May 2011 19:03:25 -0400 AAFB271D-794A-4A1B-945A-6A0717B0D9BE Plus listener mail, and... that's about it 1:16:07
The TR Podcast 86: A portal to raw potatoes and hot graphics We've got an eclectic mix of topics in this episode of the TR Podcast, starting with some listener mail. Hoping to enter the DirectX 11 world, Mike wonders if a simple graphics upgrade or an entire system overhaul is necessary to get him ready for the fall gaming season. After Mike's question is answered, Jordan digresses from the agenda to crow about his newly built gaming PC based on the latest TR system guide's Utility Player configuration. Then, it's on to the latest in PC gaming, including a panel discussion of Portal 2, another round of excited Battlefield 3 chatter, and debate about id Software's upcoming Rage.

Our gaming talk behind us, we move on to the latest reader poll, which queries TR visitors about the "rawest" deal in the tech world right now. We wrap things up with a showdown of two mid-range GPUs, followed by a lightning round of miscellaneous tech stories.

Mon, 25 Apr 2011 01:19:03 -0400 E1CECB24-0834-48A5-9865-DD4E8917F1E7 Plus gaming goodness, a lightning round of stories, and much more... 1:25:54
The TR Podcast 85: French fries and system guides Sun, 10 Apr 2011 22:48:52 -0400 C26BA019-9723-4C06-BBAE-5323ADB44151 Plus listener mail, two new Radeons, and more... 1:12:35 The TR Podcast 84: Wicked graphics and solid state storage Mon, 28 Mar 2011 02:28:56 -0400 B2569AE0-12F6-4104-93B8-AFF44A99A2A1 Plus gaming news, a budget GeForce, the Joker's laugh, and more 1:24:25 The TR Podcast 83: High-end excess and low-end laptops After kicking off this episode with a RAM-related listener question, we dive into the land of fruits and nuts as we debate the merits of Apple's new iPad 2. Scott and Jordan see marked improvement in Apple's newest tablet, while Geoff still has plans to picket 1 Infinite Loop over the summer. Moving on to gaming news, we have an impressive look at Epic's next-gen Unreal Engine, a hands-on review of the Crysis 2 mulitplayer demo from Scott and Cyril, and a no-holds-barred gameplay trailer of Battlefield 3 that has us all drooling.
After tablets and gaming news, Scott offers an in-depth look at the world's current fastest graphics card: AMD's $700 Radeon HD 6990. Also in the luxury PC hardware category, Intel's Core i7-990X Extreme managed to write its own review, and Scott and Geoff explain the origins of our most peculiar CPU evaluation in years. Finally, we have a few Sandy Bridge motherboards popping up at retailers across the web, and Cyril explains why HP's Pavilion dm1z Fusion-powered ultraportable received an Editor's Choice award.

Sun, 13 Mar 2011 22:29:02 -0400 1FB072AC-6BC7-48FB-B5E9-E9C27795BC31 Plus hyper-realistic gaming, iPad 2 shopping, and much more 1:30:24
The TR Podcast 82: New games, Fusion reactions, and tugging on Superman's cape Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:39:21 -0500 20FA4E37-38B4-4CDE-8C0A-053ADE099FB0 Plus new TR features, minimized hardware enthusiasm, and more... 1:21:09 The TR Podcast 81: Superbowl ads, Sandy Bridge trouble, and a graphics giveaway After answering a listener mail question, we start the show by welcoming guest podcaster and TR blogger Jason Fox. Jason is a professional copywriter in Texas, and he has developed an annual tradition of reviewing each year's array of Superbowl advertisements on his personal website. Together with our U.S.-based panelists (Canadians don't get to broadcast Superbowl ads), Jason discusses his list covering the best and worst of this year's offering. See the links to each discussed ad below.

Moving on, we begin our proper tech discussion with Geoff's newly scoured ultraportable before bemoaning the Canadian bandwidth quota conundrum. We then quickly dive into the billion-dollar mistake that took Intel's Sandy Bridge chipsets off store shelves. Listen for what went wrong, what Sandy Bridge early adopters can do about it, and what this means for Intel in the year to come. As the episode draws to a close, the panel dives into our most recent reader poll, Geoff's exploration of how memory speeds affect Sandy Bridge performance, and a trio of PC gaming stories.

Thu, 17 Feb 2011 14:50:32 -0500 EA124431-B746-47B7-91E8-E33A1A2550D1 Plus a trio of gaming stories, listener mail, and more 1:31:11
The TR Podcast 80: Titanium graphics and Sandy Bridge goes mobile This episode of the podcast is rife with Sandy Bridge talk. Our panel spends a good chunk of the podcast responding to Sandy Bridge-related listener questions, studying the results from our latest poll, and discussing our review of Intel's Core i7-2820QM-powered desktop replacement notebook. (Because we recorded last week, however, we weren't able to address the chipset bug Intel announced on Monday.)

Taking a break from the Intel coverage, Scott and Geoff pick apart Nvidia's newly released GeForce GTX 560 Ti, comparing it to the competition from AMD and going over the various implementations from different vendors. The panel also delves into some game coverage, talking about the upcoming releases of Portal 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Other discussion topics include our CES experiences in Las Vegas and, to round off the episode, a debate about the merits of stereoscopic 3D in movies and games.

Tue, 01 Feb 2011 07:12:46 -0500 7F365E57-C7E7-456E-B005-913F59BBEEC5 Plus listener mail, the problem with 3D movies, and more.. 1:24:16
The TR Podcast 79: A Sandy Bridge to CES Tue, 18 Jan 2011 00:40:33 -0500 the-tr-podcast-78-the-gpus-pair-up-avoiding-rsis Plus the missing iPad killer, Portal 2 with Razer goodness, and more... 1:49:40 The TR Podcast 78: The GPUs pair up, avoiding RSIs, and a special sneak preview Sun, 12 Dec 2010 22:19:30 -0500 the-tr-podcast-77-iphone-rage-special-edition-gp Plus fast and affordable laptop storage, more thoughts on Zacate, and more... 1:15:28 The TR Podcast 77: iPhone Rage, special edition GPUs, and discrete audio TV world, and Jordan's record-breaking single DVD Netflix plan. We also look at the arrival of Rage on the iPhone, months before an actual console or PC release. We then delve into some good old-fashioned hardware discussion. Geoff and Cyril play tag-team with our next story: Nvidia has released the GeForce GTX 460 SE into the wild, and Cyril has the card's specs, while Geoff has the skinny on the benchmarking results. Speaking of benchmarks, Cyril goes on to bring us performance numbers from his excursion to Austin, where he got to test AMD's next-gen Brazos mobile platform and Zacate accelerated processing unit. We also take the time to explore AMD's mobile roadmap, detailing who will manufacture Zacate's successor. Later, Geoff gives us an in-depth look at two new Xonar sound cards from Asus. He details the hardware, our testing methods, the results, and declares a surprising (and very budget-friendly) favorite. Finally, Cyril gives us the low-down on BitFenix's new Survivor enclosure, explaining what excited and disappointed him in this this compact, LAN-party-friendly case.]]> Sun, 28 Nov 2010 16:37:49 -0500 the-tr-podcast-76-black-ops-brazos-and-the-gtx Plus Brazos benchmark results, AMD after Zacate, and more... TV world, and Jordan's record-breaking single DVD Netflix plan. We also look at the arrival of Rage on the iPhone, months before an actual console or PC release. We then delve into some good old-fashioned hardware discussion. Geoff and Cyril play tag-team with our next story: Nvidia has released the GeForce GTX 460 SE into the wild, and Cyril has the card's specs, while Geoff has the skinny on the benchmarking results. Speaking of benchmarks, Cyril goes on to bring us performance numbers from his excursion to Austin, where he got to test AMD's next-gen Brazos mobile platform and Zacate accelerated processing unit. We also take the time to explore AMD's mobile roadmap, detailing who will manufacture Zacate's successor. Later, Geoff gives us an in-depth look at two new Xonar sound cards from Asus. He details the hardware, our testing methods, the results, and declares a surprising (and very budget-friendly) favorite. Finally, Cyril gives us the low-down on BitFenix's new Survivor enclosure, explaining what excited and disappointed him in this this compact, LAN-party-friendly case.]]> 1:28:45 The TR Podcast 76: Black Ops, Brazos, and the GTX 580 Mon, 15 Nov 2010 00:23:57 -0500 the-tr-podcast-75-gaming-in-the-cloud-new-radeon Plus overclocking the GTX 460 and 6850, listener mail, and more... 1:16:55 The TR Podcast 75: Gaming in the cloud, new Radeons, and the ultimate fan controller Sat, 30 Oct 2010 22:45:46 -0400 the-tr-podcast-74-the-terminator-mouse-flying-th Plus: new MacBooks, Medal of Honor, listener mail, and more... 1:28:26 The TR Podcast 74: The terminator mouse, flying the C-130, and X58 vs X58 Mon, 11 Oct 2010 04:15:41 -0400 the-tr-podcast-73-diving-into-idf-and-gtc Plus a history lesson from Scott, why Geoff still buys CDs, and more... 1:34:23 The TR Podcast 73: Diving into IDF and GTC Mon, 27 Sep 2010 01:59:21 -0400 the-tr-podcast-72-back-to-school-nile-notebooks In which Scott recaps two weeks of conference hopping... 1:17:35 The TR Podcast 72: Back to school, Nile notebooks, and Duke is back Mon, 13 Sep 2010 02:01:08 -0400 the-tr-podcast-71-bulldozer-bobcat-and-bamboo Plus epic iPhone gaming, Geoff's notebook lament, and more 1:23:14 The TR Podcast 71: Bulldozer, Bobcat, and bamboo We're back in our classic panel format with this episode, and we've got a lot to cover. After answering the mailbag and a few quick TR community notes, the panel wants to know why Cyril loves his iPhone 4 so much, why Scott still hates his, and what iPhone games we're all skipping work to play. Later, Scott gives us an in-depth look at two very exciting processor platforms from AMD: Bulldozer and Bobcat.

Then, it's on to the reviews. Cyril isn't all that impressed with Samsung's newest 14" notebook, and Geoff has bestowed the Editor's Choice award upon Zotac's newest barebones nettop. Finally, Geoff takes a look at the sexy, bamboo-clad U33Jc 13" notebook from Asus.

Mon, 30 Aug 2010 05:22:16 -0400 the-tr-podcast-70-flaming-mobos-in-the-city-of-an Plus iPhone 4 gaming, our favorite barebones nettop, and more 1:30:36
The TR Podcast 70: Flaming mobos in the City of Angels Tue, 24 Aug 2010 18:03:10 -0400 the-tr-podcast-69-answering-the-mailbag-living-w In another special TR Podcast, Jordan has a field report from Gigabyte's Open Overclocking 2010 North American Regional Final in Los Angeles. 24:30 The TR Podcast 69: Answering the mailbag, living with the Pre, and the terabyte showdown We start this week's episode by answering a healthy helping of listener mail questions, covering everything from home file servers to e-books. Geoff and Scott follow with parallel smartphone stories Geoff pleased with his new Palm Pre, while Scott is somewhat disappointed with his iPhone 4.
Later, Geoff summarizes his roundup of an assortment of 7200-RPM terabyte hard drives. Then, after our panel covers three Nvidia-related news stories, Scott takes a look at Intel's newest Xeon processors, and Cyril has our latest GPU value article results.

Mon, 02 Aug 2010 04:08:47 -0400 the-tr-podcast-68-lunchbox-pcs-nvidias-latest Plus Scott's iPhone 4 woes, GPU value, and more... 1:23:24
The TR Podcast 68: Lunchbox PCs, Nvidia's latest, and Just be-Cause This episode starts with details about our Nvidia-sponsored Just Cause 2giveaway. Scott and Jordan quickly go on to relate their experiences causing mayhem on the game's pacific island with a grappling hook, magical parachute, and plenty of explosives. Moving on, our panel discusses not only Scott's impression of the new iPhone 4 (which he's had for the past few days), but also Geoff and Cyril's search for good smart phones up in Canada.
Next, Scott lays out the details of the PhysX x87 problem, and he gives us the skinny on his review of the new GeForce GTX 460 graphics card. Geoff also talks about a cool new barebone nettop, after which Cyril appraises the unbelievably big yet intriguing Thermaltake Level 10 case.
The second half of the episode is all about PC hardware. Scott has done the writeup on AMD's latest server-class processors and graphics cards, while Geoff has tested two new solid-state drives, one of which turns out to be our current Editor's Choice.

Mon, 19 Jul 2010 01:08:33 -0400 the-tr-podcast-67-dont-hold-it-that-way-new-ser Plus roll your own nettop, wireless PCIe, our new survey, and more... 1:19:30
The TR Podcast 67: Don't hold it that way, new server gear, and our favorite SSD We kick off this episode with news of the upcoming TR BBQ and a movie recommendation from Jordan (who really, really liked Toy Story 3). Our panel quickly moves on to the iPhone 4; not even a week after launch, a particularly annoying signal retention issue has come to light. Gaming is next on the agenda as we discuss Cyril's latest blog post, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the evolution of first-person shooters. Also on the gaming docket, we discuss the prospect of motion-controlled gaming on the PC via Microsoft's Kinect technology.
The second half of the episode is all about PC hardware. Scott has done the writeup on AMD's latest server-class processors and graphics cards, while Geoff has tested two new solid-state drives, one of which turns out to be his current Editor's Choice.

Sun, 27 Jun 2010 23:40:43 -0400 the-tr-podcast-66-computex-hybrid-hard-drives-a Plus motion-controlled gaming on the PC, a Kingston tale, and more 1:24:04
The TR Podcast 66: Computex, hybrid hard drives, and iPhone 4 With Cyril fresh from Computex, Scott and Geoff primed with new reviews, and Jordan armed with lame jokes... there's plenty going on in this episode of the podcast. After a few listener mail shoutouts, we kick things off with a slice of Computex, relaying the experience of one of the world's largest tech tradeshows and looking at the highlights. Dovetailing with the discussion of Asus's Eee Pad, Geoff explains what he believes makes the perfect tablet.
Now that the iPhone 4 is finally here, our panelists all have something to say about Apple's newest smartphone. To wrap things up, Scott and Geoff detail their findings in their latest reviews. Scott has been overclocking Intel's new unlocked Core i5-655K and i7-875K processors, while Geoff has put a hybrid hard drive from Seagate to the test.

Mon, 14 Jun 2010 13:39:37 -0400 the-tr-podcast-65-multidisplay-madness-superfa Plus, Geoff's perfect tablet, unlocked Intel CPUS, and more! 1:26:43
The TR Podcast 65: Multi-display madness, super-fast storage, and bring your own OS This week is all about quality over quantity as we tackle TR's latest three reviews. But before getting into Eyefinity, SSDs, and bring-your-own-OS laptops, our panel goes over the new TR site layout, puts out the call for TR interns, and answers a very technical listener question about Intel's new Moorestown handheld platform.
Moving on to the heavy stuff, Scott has finally finished his opus on AMD's Eyefinity system, and he runs through the various configurations, their pros and cons, and which setup he'd keep around to use on a regular basis. In the storage corner, Geoff has the scoop on new SandForce based solid-state drives from OCZ and Corsair, and he reveals how SandForce's hotshot storage controller fares against popular Intel offerings. Finally, Cyril took Asus's choose-your-own-adventure Eee PC for a spin, and he gives us the skinny on whether an OS-free system is worth the trouble.

Sat, 22 May 2010 01:58:36 -0400 the-tr-podcast-64-pots-and-kettles-moorestown-a-1 Plus, listener mail, we need interns, and the new TR look 1:22:25
The TR Podcast 64: Pots and kettles, Moorestown, and AMD strikes back Mon, 10 May 2010 04:06:35 -0400 the-tr-podcast-64-pots-and-kettles-moorestown-a Plus HP buys Palm, a motherboard roundup on our favorite new chipset, and more 1:29:40 The TR Podcast 63: Hands on with the iPad, the creepy meter, and surround sound gaming Crysis 2, and we all have something to say about the platform-free gaming future Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima predicts. Later, Geoff, Will, and Cyril discuss their experiences with the 5.1 surround-sound gaming headset from Psyko, we delve briefly into AMD's financials, and Cyril goes over his latest laptop review. Geoff then concludes our podcast by giving us the skinny about his recently published SSD roundup.]]> Mon, 26 Apr 2010 03:45:42 -0400 The TR Podcast 63: Hands on with the iPad, the creepy meter, and surround sound gaming Plus the latest SSDs, the end of consoles, and a new laptop from uh-soos Crysis 2, and we all have something to say about the platform-free gaming future Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima predicts. Later, Geoff, Will, and Cyril discuss their experiences with the 5.1 surround-sound gaming headset from Psyko, we delve briefly into AMD's financials, and Cyril goes over his latest laptop review. Geoff then concludes our podcast by giving us the skinny about his recently published SSD roundup.]]> 1:18:48 The TR Podcast 62.5: Overclocking in Silicon Valley Wed, 21 Apr 2010 15:53:27 -0400 the-tr-podcast-62-fermi-in-the-flesh-new-velocir Love, laughter, and liquid nitrogen 28:45 The TR Podcast 62: Fermi in the flesh, new VelociRaptors, and emptying the mail bag Fri, 09 Apr 2010 00:44:13 -0400 the-tr-podcast-61-apple-vs-google-broken-drm-a Plus lighthearted shooters, USB 3.0, and clock speed vs. cores 1:22:06 The TR Podcast 61: Apple vs. Google, broken DRM, and AMD's gaming manifesto Sun, 28 Mar 2010 23:09:18 -0400 the-tr-podcast-60-os-x-gaming-a-sixcore-monster Plus Google and China break up, our latest reader poll... and more 53:10 The TR Podcast 60: OS X gaming, a six-core monster and the cake is a lie.... again Join us this week for a classic TR Podcast episode—sans our lovable French news jockey Cyril. Scott, Geoff and Jordan kick off the episode with a follow-up to our recent ".5" episode, which discussed AMD's Eyefinity and the new Radeon HD 5870. Scott gives us his updated take on day-to-day Eyefinity gameplay after tweaking the monstrous six-display rig. Moving across the graphic aisle, Nvidia brings us both good and bad news as the next-gen Ion takes flight amid reports that the latest ForceWare graphics drivers are causing GPU overheating. And there's more from the snafu department; Newegg has dropped a major supplier following the recent fake Core i7-920 debacle. Our news roundup concludes with a flurry of gaming stories, including some sexy Crysis 2 screenshots, Portal 2 goodness, and much to Jordan's delight, the news that Steam is coming to the Mac.

This episode's hardware reviews start with the crazy-fast Intel Core i7-980X Extreme CPU, a chip that has it all: headroom, value, efficiency, and speed. Geoff gives us the scoop on AMD's new 890GX integrated graphics chipset, and Scott gives the shortest GPU review we've every aired, succinctly summing up the disappointing Radeon HD 5830. Finally, Scott gives his thoughts on the issue of ad blockers, and the harm they do to publications like TR.

Mon, 15 Mar 2010 01:02:40 -0400 the-tr-podcast-595-eyefinity-at-damage-labs Plus Nanosuits in Manhattan, our fastest GPU review ever and more 1:20:56
The TR Podcast 59.5: Eyefinity at Damage Labs Thu, 04 Mar 2010 14:23:38 -0500 the-tr-podcast-59-optimus-prime-the-ipad-and-a 12 megapixels of awesomeness 1:24:43 The TR Podcast 59: Optimus Prime, the iPad, and a podcast exclusive Sun, 28 Feb 2010 23:27:12 -0500 the-tr-podcast-585-microprocessor-madness Plus our latest system guide, Nvidia's next GPU, and more 1:17:28 The TR Podcast 58.5: Microprocessor madness Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:52:38 -0500 the-tr-podcast-58-tales-from-ces appease your podcast appetite 33:52 The TR Podcast 58: Tales from CES Tue, 02 Feb 2010 00:35:51 -0500 the-tr-podcast-57-viva-las-ces A trip back to Vegas 48:52 The TR Podcast 57: Viva Las CES Fresh back from CES 2010, the gang attempts to recap everything seen during and after this year's upbeat electronics expo. We start with Intel's new mobile and desktop platforms and other interesting technologies, like the Wireless Display (WiDi) feature included in a few different Arrandale laptops. From AMD, we have both external graphics and the new, $99 Radeon HD 5670. Nvidia, meanwhile, showed its next-generation Tegra system-on-a-chip and GeForce 3D Vision Surround, a 3D gaming scheme Scott actually likes.
Other CES delights include an exciting motion-control product coming soon from Razer and EVGA's ridiculously massive dual-Xeon motherboard, which we're not sure will actually fit into existing PC enclosures. We also go over Asus' new line of stylish-looking laptops, the fab behemoth that GlobalFoundries is becoming, and a bevy of new SSDs from, well, just about everybody.

Mon, 18 Jan 2010 02:22:51 -0500 the-tr-podcast-56-intels-ups-and-downs-ultrapor Join us as we recap our trip to this year's Consumer Electronics Show 1:37:29
The TR Podcast 56: Intel's ups and downs, ultraportable madness, and Avatar Mon, 21 Dec 2009 04:55:51 -0500 the-tr-podcast-55-phantom-menace-ii-the-christma Plus, a podcast exclusive review, GPU acceleration for flash video, and more 1:28:00 The TR Podcast 55: Phantom Menace II, the Christmas '09 system guide and a pair of pairs will be worth the cost of a ticket and popcorn. Jordan and Cyril suggest James Cameron will score another hit, while Scott and Geoff are dubious and draw parallels with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1998—a lot of hype and a big letdown. Scott goes on to relate the woes of giving tech buying advice to friends and family. Moving on, it's time for another TR system guide, and our Christmas '09 edition is rife with compromises to combat the RAM price hikes and GPU shortages. We talk about the possibility of GPU scarcity continuing well into 2010, as well. Also in this episode: Microsoft is trying to combat Steam, we pit two 2TB hard drives against each other, and choosing between Dell and Asus for a 14" notebook turns out to be somewhat complicated.]]> Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:54:02 -0500 the-tr-podcast-54-intel-and-amd-make-up-the-foot Plus GPU availability, Microsoft vs. Steam, and giving computer buying advice will be worth the cost of a ticket and popcorn. Jordan and Cyril suggest James Cameron will score another hit, while Scott and Geoff are dubious and draw parallels with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1998—a lot of hype and a big letdown. Scott goes on to relate the woes of giving tech buying advice to friends and family. Moving on, it's time for another TR system guide, and our Christmas '09 edition is rife with compromises to combat the RAM price hikes and GPU shortages. We talk about the possibility of GPU scarcity continuing well into 2010, as well. Also in this episode: Microsoft is trying to combat Steam, we pit two 2TB hard drives against each other, and choosing between Dell and Asus for a 14" notebook turns out to be somewhat complicated.]]> 1:10:45 The TR Podcast 54: Intel and AMD make up, the foot-long GPU, and Modern Warfare 2 We're back to our classic format in this week's episode, starting with a look at some of this season's new games. Scott is still having a blast with Borderlands, and everyone has their take on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with its fast-paced, on-rails gameplay and controversial airport scene.
Moving on from gaming, Cyril and Scott tackle major industry news: AMD and Intel have finally shaken hands and made up after four years of litigation and multiple antitrust investigations. Scott goes on to detail what AMD has revealed of its latest processor roadmap, before going on to comment on the company's massive, dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970. Our panel also discusses the slow trickle of graphics cards across the industry, Kanguru's eSATA/USB thumb drive, and more.

Mon, 23 Nov 2009 01:37:21 -0500 the-tr-podcast-53-windows-7-arrives-tiny-p55-boa-1 Plus, GPU availability, eSATA thumb drive, the future of AMD and more 1:13:51
The TR Podcast: 10th Anniversary Edition Mon, 09 Nov 2009 00:40:17 -0500 the-tr-podcast-53-windows-7-arrives-tiny-p55-boa A decade of PC Hardware explored 52:44 The TR Podcast 53: Windows 7 arrives, tiny P55 boards, and Borderlands Sun, 25 Oct 2009 19:48:19 -0400 the-tr-podcast-52-killing-inferi-finding-the-585 Plus Cyril's new keyboard, new Radeons, and more 1:09:25 The TR Podcast 52: Killing Inferi, finding the 5850, and all about Fermi Sun, 11 Oct 2009 23:23:27 -0400 the-tr-podcast-51-new-theme-music-highend-graph Plus who uses GPU computing, PhysX exclusivity, and more... Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie.]]> 1:32:40 The TR Podcast 51: New theme music, high-end graphics, and the Intel roadmap Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:49:18 -0400 the-tr-podcast-50-lynnfield-arrives-the-future-o Plus a six-core desktop processor from AMD, GPU load-balancing, and more 1:25:36 The TR Podcast 50: Lynnfield arrives, the future of storage, and next-gen gaming Sun, 13 Sep 2009 23:50:05 -0400 the-tr-podcast-495-tales-from-beijing Plus one last look at Windows 7, iPods and Zunes, SwiMP3, and more 1:29:50 The TR Podcast 49.5: Tales from Beijing Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:35:44 -0400 the-tr-podcast-49-a-special-guest-upcoming-cpus Overclocking in the Olympic city 45:20 The TR Podcast 49: A special guest, upcoming CPUs, and laptop woes Sun, 23 Aug 2009 20:25:14 -0400 the-tr-podcast-48-windows-7-oldman-rants-and-l Plus Zune HD up for pre-order, headphone oriented soundcards, and more 1:34:43 The TR Podcast 48: Windows 7, old-man rants, and luxury SSD's In the wake of the Windows 7 RTM rollout, our panel shares their impressions of the new operating system, from the new, OS X-esque taskbar to the departure of Windows Mail. Later, a listener question prompts some display discussion, while upcoming Left 4 Dead bonus content suggests Valve isn't neglecting fans of the original game, after all.
Moving on, MSI's upcoming Wind U200 laptop prompts an "old-man rant" from Scott, after which Geoff briefs us on the pros and cons of AMD's 785G integrated graphics chipset. Finally, we share our thoughts on OCZ's upcoming terabyte SSD (and its rumored $2,500 price tag).
Also in this episode: two cool interviews with contestants from MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2009. First-place winner Mike Graf tells us about his practical uses for overclocking on a day-to-day basis, while acclaimed case modder Ton Khowdee talks pro modding, overclocking, and more.

Sun, 09 Aug 2009 14:22:17 -0400 the-tr-podcast-47-two-sneak-peek-whats-next-for Plus more unique overclocking discussion, Left 4 Dead gets more content, and more 1:29:49
The TR Podcast 47: Two sneak peeks, what's next for physical media, and Wall Street for gamers Sun, 09 Aug 2009 14:20:04 -0400 the-tr-podcast-46-the-google-os-browser-wars-an Plus TR comes to Twitter, deadly iPhone prototypes, fantasy football, and more... 1:25:54 The TR Podcast 46: The Google OS, browser wars, and all things storage Sun, 12 Jul 2009 17:41:56 -0400 the-tr-podcast-45-gaming-roundup-swiss-army-kniv Plus classic games come to Steam, OCing stories from the front lines, and more 2:10:00 The TR Podcast 45: Gaming roundup, Swiss Army knives, and Windows Vista II Sun, 28 Jun 2009 01:15:08 -0400 the-tr-podcast-44-computex-compendium-air-vs-wa Plus another netbook news roundup, iPhone vs. Pre, and much more 1:58:54 The TR Podcast 44: Computex compendium, air vs. water, and budget CPU madness Sun, 14 Jun 2009 21:03:28 -0400 the-tr-podcast-43-troublesome-ssds-tired-rhetori Plus SSD controversy, France's three-strikes law is unconstitutional, and more 1:52:20 The TR Podcast 43: Troublesome SSDs, tired rhetoric, and a podcast exclusive Sat, 23 May 2009 22:45:15 -0400 the-tr-podcast-42-tech-rockstars-awesome-ultrapo Plus Intel's $1.5-billion fine, iPhone rumors, and more 1:33:12 The TR Podcast 42: Tech rockstars, awesome ultraportables, and the day Duke died Sat, 09 May 2009 17:41:06 -0400 the-tr-podcast-41-customer-reeducation-cpu-nirva Plus a slew of AMD stories, a TV show roundup, and more 1:42:13 The TR Podcast 41: Customer reeducation, CPU nirvana, and everone loves Atom Sat, 25 Apr 2009 20:16:06 -0400 the-tr-podcast-40-the-gpgpu-tax-three-strikes-yo Plus OCZ's DIY netbook, Time Warner gets on our nerves... and much more 1:35:21 The TR Podcast 40: The GPGPU tax, three strikes you're out, and the end of netbooks Sun, 05 Apr 2009 23:13:47 -0400 the-tr-podcast-39-burning-the-tp-wavy-digital-cl Plu: Skype on the iPhone, Intel's latest Xeon processors, Mini-ITX, and more... 2:02:10 The TR Podcast 39: Burning the TP, wavy digital clothing, and a gaming news roundup Sat, 28 Mar 2009 18:14:28 -0400 the-tr-podcast-38-hello-mr-hawking-dell-does-se Plus more cool keyboards, motherboard OS's, Killer NICs return, and more 57:38 The TR Podcast 38: Hello Mr. Hawking, Dell does sexy, and affordable Core i7 Sat, 21 Mar 2009 16:52:27 -0400 the-tr-podcast-37-frothing-at-the-machole-notso Plus a look at CPU industry wide bang for buck, Western Digital's cool techsessory and more 1:12:24 The TR Podcast 37: Frothing at the MacHole, not-so-new GPUs, and a trip down memory lane Sun, 08 Mar 2009 00:16:23 -0500 the-tr-podcast-36-amds-gimpy-goodness-microsoft Plus Intel's latest Classmate PC, stickin' it to the sat man, and more 1:45:22 The TR Podcast 36: AMD's gimpy goodness, Microsoft retail, and the Athlon Neo Sun, 22 Feb 2009 20:01:22 -0500 the-tr-podcast-35-breaking-the-glass-surfing-the Plus: the latest in the netbook world, lawsuits against Microsoft, and more 1:22:12 The TR Podcast 35: Breaking the glass, surfing the music, and suing Apple Scott starts off this week's tech discussion with tales of his recent trip to Oregon, where he talked with Intel executives about the newly announced 32nm Westmere processors. Our editors are skeptical about Intel's motives for making Westmere into a CPU/GPU chimera, especially since—as Geoff points out—current Intel integrated graphics are still considerably slower than competition.

Scott then leaves our show early to continue his work in Damage Labs, and TR blogger and reviewer Matt Butrovich fills in to talk about everything from Mirror's Edge PhysX performance to a possible $99 iPhone. We also hear Geoff's thoughts on the 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green drive and his favorite musical rhythm game.

Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:47:02 -0500 the-tr-podcast-34-headaches-our-anniversary-and Plus Intel's latest plans, the largest hard drive on the market, and more 1:17:20
The TR Podcast 34: Headaches, our anniversary, and meeting an Intel engineer Our longest episode ever brings the thunder with a combination of great news and reviews and one of our most interesting interviews to date. Before our foray into the tech world begins, Jordan informs us that this episode marks the TR Podcast's one year anniversary, we pause for a quick celebration and then start into our discussion. Geoff begins with review of Nvidia's ION platform, followed by our concern over bandwidth caps and a look into the future for the curious NIC card maker Bigfoot. Our editors also debate the wisdom of another extensive sku list for Windows 7, Scott gives us an interesting perspective on the recent purchase of Shacknews, and Cyril thinks Mirrors Edge for the PC is worth a second look. Finally, Scott evaluates Nvidia's new 3D vision scheme and is only able to conclude that 3D zombies are cool, 3D women are hot.... and the rest kinda goes down hill from there.

The second half of our episode contains an interview with Intel engineer Matthew Hiltner. Scott and Geoff ask him a mix of editor and user submitted questions and Matthew talks about everything from silicon testing and bios emulation, to what happens when someone in the workplace fries an expensive testing motherboard.... don't miss this interview.

Sun, 08 Feb 2009 15:00:53 -0500 the-tr-podcast-33-facebooking-ssds-on-steroids Plus a look at the Ion platform, concern over potential bandwidth caps, a second look at Mirror's Edge, and more 2:04:05
The TR Podcast 33: Facebooking, SSDs on steroids, and the bacon explosion Sun, 01 Feb 2009 01:29:10 -0500 the-tr-podcast-32-troubled-times-scary-storage Plus Lian Li makes a truly unique ATX case, Western Digital makes a 2TB hard drive, and more 1:28:28 The TR Podcast 32: Troubled times, scary storage, and the dark oscar Sat, 24 Jan 2009 17:57:18 -0500 the-tr-podcast-31-liberated-music-faster-for-les Plus the 64-bit tipping point, why Circuit City killed itself, website updates, and more 1:10:23 The TR Podcast 31: Liberated music, faster for less, and clicky keyboards Sat, 17 Jan 2009 12:07:51 -0500 the-tr-podcast-30-the-ces-2009-edition Plus the Windows 7 beta, Steve Jobs' future at Apple, cheaper X58 mobos, and more 1:17:24 The TR Podcast 30: The CES 2009 edition Sun, 11 Jan 2009 16:13:31 -0500 the-tr-podcast-29-2008-a-year-in-review In which we compile and discuss the hardware highlights from CES 2009 38:01 The TR Podcast 29: 2008, a year in review After almost of year of vocal tech reporting, our panelists sit down with hindsight 20/20 to dissect this past year of tech. Scott starts us off with an overview of the three tech trends he believes have outlined the industry in 2008. In brief, these are the solidification of the "productivity" usage model, the stagnation of graphical requirements for games, and the inevitable collision of CPUs and GPUs.

With these three tech themes serving as an outline, our editors dive into the top news and reviews from their areas of expertise. Geoff discusses the rise of netbooks, 780G and P45 chipsets, Xonar sound cards, and the advancement of solid-state storage technology. Cyril and Scott discuss some of 2008's biggest corporate news, including AMD's early CEO swap and Nvidia's acquisition of Ageia. Finally, Scott does a roundup of the CPU and GPU designs that made this year one of the busiest we've seen in TR's 9 year history.

Before signing off on our last episode of 2008, Jordan asks each of the editors what they're most looking forward to in 2009, and we all pick our favorite 2008 game.

Sat, 20 Dec 2008 17:10:39 -0500 the-tr-podcast-28-graphical-eye-candy-the-nettab What made 2008 the busiest, craziest, and fastest year we've seen in a while 1:30:02
The TR Podcast 28: Graphical eye candy, the nettablet, and congratulations, it's a boy! Scott starts off the discussion this week with a scathing technical review of the recently released EA survival-horror game, Dead Space. After a brief cool down period, we deliver the news that TR's marketing maestro Adam Eiberger is the proud father of a newborn baby boy. (Daniel Micah Eiberger weighs in at 8 lbs, is in good health, and is consistently scoring 240 in WorldBench.)

Before taking time off to prepare for the new baby gerbil, Adam and Scott worked to put together TR's 2008 Christmas Giveaway. Scott fills us in on the impressive specs of the giveaway PC, and he says he expects to post an article very soon with details on how to enter. The rest of our episode covers this past week's helping of TR news and articles. Our editors discuss SSD speeds in Windows 2000, the advancement of physics technology in games, the recent release of OpenCL 1.0, Gigabyte's new 'nettablet,' Intel's Core i7-940 and more.

Sat, 13 Dec 2008 16:55:26 -0500 the-tr-podcast-27-attack-of-the-fanboys-the-crus Plus: we revisit the Core i7-940, explore OpenCL 1.0, rant about Dead Space, and more! 1:26:54
The TR Podcast 27: Attack of the fanboys, the Crushinator, and crack... on crack After a brief Thanksgiving hiatus, the TR Podcast is back in action with one of our best sounding episodes yet (no really, it is). The holidays are fresh on our minds as we start the show, and Scott jokes about the geekiness himself and others display by using LED Christmas lights. We go on to talk about our latest TR poll, a sneak preview of Scott's super-high-end GPU benchmarks, this season's new games, and the Christmas TR system guide (which includes the infamous Crushinator configuration, inspired by the namesake robot in Futurama).

Moving on to the latest TR review articles, Scott and Geoff dive into our Core i7 memory speed analysis, and they discuss Intel's blazing fast X25-E Extreme solid-state drive. Finally, Cyril talks fondly of his new 24" LCD monitor, and the intriguing tale of AMD's RV770 GPU unfolds with colorful insight from Scott.

Sun, 07 Dec 2008 09:52:00 -0500 the-tr-podcast-26-faith-revelations-and-explori Plus: 24" displays, the RV770 story, gearing up for high end gaming, and more 1:27:01
The TR Podcast 26: Faith, revelations, and exploring Shanghai If you're in the market for a Core i7-based system, our episode starts off with some advice just for you. Geoff talks about a pair of X58 motherboards from Gigabyte and MSI and gives us his pick(s) out of the four he's reviewed so far. Other topics of discussion include the ForceWare "Big Bang II" drivers from Nvidia, our first impressions of Left 4 Dead and Mirror's Edge, a sneak preview of our 45nm Shanghai Opteron review (with a special guest), and the scoop on AMD's upcoming Phenom II processors.

This episode also continues our series of editor biographies. This time, Cyril joins us on Skype to talk about his early tech influences, writing tech articles at the age of 14, playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano, and more.

Sun, 23 Nov 2008 10:27:06 -0500 the-tr-podcast-25-all-about-amd-fixing-the-shift Wherein we discuss Mirror's Edge, X58 chipsets, 45nm Opterons, Cyril's secrets, and more... 1:27:01
The TR Podcast 25: All about AMD, fixing the shift key, and a new season of TV In the aftermath of Intel's Core i7 processor launch, everyone wants to know: what's AMD going to do to compete? This week on the TR podcast, we examine a flurry of news fresh from AMD's Financial Analyst Day presentation in order to answer that question. Future desktop and mobile processors, foundry spinoff plans, and even an overview of how Radeon GPUs are doing in the marketplace—we cover it all.

After AMD news marathon, Geoff gets very practical with his unruly Eee PC shift key, and our panel reveals what's on their DVRs for this new season of TV shows. Our favorites include: The Office, Fringe, Top Gear, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and a few others. As always, our show finishes with a sneak peek at what's coming up on the site and our podcast.

Sat, 15 Nov 2008 17:04:36 -0500 the-tr-podcast-24-core-i7-where-motherboards-com Hey... that title rhymes! 1:34:06
The TR Podcast 24: Core i7, where motherboards come from, and driving around Far Cry 2 Our episode starts on a light note as Scott, Cyril, and Jordan have a round-table discussion about Ubisoft's Far Cry 2. Has the game held Scott's attention? Does the driving bother Cyril? And how many weapon sound effects can Jordan imitate? Scott also explains how the upcoming Steam Cloud feature, while great for the average gamer, might interfere with our benchmarking here at TR.

After that, we dive into the meat of the episode as Scott and Geoff discuss the intricate details of Intel's Core i7 processors and their companion X58 Express chipset. We also discuss the possible rollouts of cheaper derivatives and how much you'll have to spend to get the latest and greatest over the next few months. Finally, before our habitual teaser of upcoming TR content, Joshua Buss gives us a vocal walkthrough of his Gigabyte motherboard factory tour. This is certainly one of our most packed episodes in a long while.

Sat, 08 Nov 2008 21:27:11 -0500 the-tr-podcast-23-windows-7-the-end-of-the-givea-1 Plus: will Steam Cloud interfere with our benchmarking? 1:23:35
The TR Podcast 23: Windows 7, the end of the giveaway, and the real Geoff Gasior Sat, 01 Nov 2008 19:10:19 -0400 the-tr-podcast-23-windows-7-the-end-of-the-givea Plus Cyril's thoughts on his new MacBook, and the latest WD Caviar Green hard drive 58:08 The TR Podcast 22: A product opportunity, speedy video encodes, and bringing SLI up to snuff Sat, 25 Oct 2008 19:44:23 -0400 the-tr-podcast-22-a-product-opportunity-speedy-v Plus the highest-capacity hard drive you can buy and some gaming talk 1:17:22 The TR Podcast 21: Of macbooks, tech peer pressure, and an awesome giveaway This week on the show, we start with a frank discussion of Apple's latest laptop release, in which Scott and the gang (including new TR blogger Matt Butrovich) talk about the pros and the cons of the new MacBooks. The discussion explores the industry trends affecting today's operating systems and should interest even Mac-hating PC hardware enthusiasts. Joshua Buss talks about the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship he covered from Taiwan. Geoff and Scott follow up with Nvidia's GeForce 9300 chipset, and we finish the episode with a discussion of tech peer pressure, the best netbook yet, and grandma's computer.

Also in this episode, we announce and begin our first-ever TR Podcast giveaway. Jordan starts the show with a quick explanation of the contest and rules, but you should check out our official giveaway post here. Thanks to NCIX for providing the Acer Aspire One that we're giving away to a lucky podcast listener.

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 19:47:10 -0400 the-tr-podcast-21-overclocking-in-taiwan-macbook Plus extreme overclocking, the GeForce 9300, and listener mail 1:18:33
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