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BFG's GeForce 7900 GT OC
ModelGeForce 7900 GT OC
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BFG Tech wasn't the first manufacturer to offer "factory-overclocked" graphics cards, but it has certainly been the most willing to turn up the clocks. In fact, BFG's entire GeForce 7-series lineup, from the high-end 7900 GTX to the lowly 7300 GS, is overclocked-in-the-box. BFG slaps an "OC" onto the end of each product name to denote its higher-than-stock speeds, and the cards are fully covered under warranty this way.

SO BFG seems eager to push the clock speed of its GeForce 7-series graphics cards, but it doesn't push that hard with the GeForce 7900 GT. The BFG 7900 GT OC is clocked at 475 MHz core and 680 MHz memory, which is only a minor boost over the 7900 GT's default 450 MHz core and 660 MHz memory clocks. That should still give the BFG an edge over stock-clocked competitors, but not against the more aggressively overclocked 7900 GT cards from Asus and XFX.

With these clock speeds, it's no surprise that the GeForce 7900 GT OC's cooler doesn't deviate from NVIDIA's reference design.

The cooler is a relatively modest single-slot affair. With so little surface area, it relies largely on higher fan speeds to keep GPU temperatures in check. Unfortunately, the fan's speed doesn't vary with the GPU's temperature or activity level. It spins at full speed all the time, resulting in higher idle noise levels than we'd expect from a $300 graphics card. BFG isn't the only manufacturer offering a GeForce 7900 GT with a restickered reference cooler, so the OC's annoying fan whine is hardly unique. Yet we'd gladly sacrifice the card's modest clock speed bump for a quieter—or at least smarter—cooler.

Moving to the bundle, the BFG GeForce 7900 GT OC comes with everything one might expect. You get a pair of DVI-to-VGA adapters, a Molex power adapter, and a video output dongle that handles composite, S-Video, and component high definition output. BFG also throws in a collection of smaller software utilities, including a limited version of GameDrive 9.0. You won't find any top-shelf game titles in the box, though.

BFG's 7900 GT OC comes with a lifetime warranty and free 24/7 telephone tech support. BFG's tech support has developed an excellent reputation over the years, and although few experienced enthusiasts may need the service, it's a handy resource for less savvy users.