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Half-Life 2: Episode One
The Source game engine uses an integer data format for its high-dynamic-range rendering, which allows all of the cards here to combine HDR rendering with 4X antialiasing.

The Radeon X1900 XT leads the GeForce 7950 GT by a significant margin in Half-Life 2: Episode One. As with Quake 4, that fact really only comes into play at 2048x1536. At lower resolutions, both cards are plenty fast. And heck, by the seat of my pants, I think they both play this game very well at 2048x1536 with HDR lighting and 4X AA.

You'll notice one missing score above, for the X1900 XT CrossFire setup at 2048x1536. The game kept crashing on me when I tried to run it at that resolution.