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The HD 2900 XT bests all three of the 8800 GTS incarnations we tested in 3DMark, and thanks to superior CrossFire scaling, it's the fastest multi-GPU solution overall in 3DMark. For the record, we've seen much better SLI performance out of the 8800 in Windows XP.

Call of Juarez
For our final benchmark, we have an early copy of a DirectX 10 game provided to us by AMD. This is our first chance to look at a DirectX 10 game, even if it is an unfinished one. Nvidia let us know in no uncertain terms that this build of Call of Juarez should not be used for benchmarking, so of course, we had to give it a spin.

....aaaand, it's a dead freaking heat between the two $399 graphics cards. How's that for reading the tea leaves for DX10 games? I have no idea what this means exactly.