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With the unlocked multipliers on these Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors, Skulltrail overclocking is embarrassingly easy. I was able to get the system to boot into Windows with both CPUs at 4GHz by setting their voltage to 1.35V, one-tenth of a volt above stock. However, the system wasn't stable enough to run our eight-threaded Euler3D CFD benchmark without crashing at those settings. Raising both CPUs' voltage to 1.375V didn't quite cut it, but 1.4V seemed to do the trick. This is on air cooling using those Zalman coolers pictured earlier in the article. They're nice coolers, but nothing too exotic.

4GHz wasn't hard to attain. CPU-Z has the voltage wrong, though.

Let me just say: Holy crap! Here's how the system performed at 4GHz.

That's.... acceptable. We need to try putting some lower-speed, less expensive Xeons into this board to see what they can do. I'll give that a shot when I can. For now, though, it's pretty clear this Skulltrail rig has some overclocking headroom built in, despite the QX9775 processor's status as a top-of-the-line product. That's unusual, and we'll take it.