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HD Tach
We tested HD Tach with the benchmark's full variable zone size setting.

With only 320GB per platter, the 640GB can't quite top the sustained transfer rates offered by the SpinPoint F1, which squeezes an additional 14GB onto each disc. The SE16 comes close, though, easily outrunning its other rivals.

Burst performance is quite good for the Caviar, as well. Seagate's Barracudas are the fastest drives in this test, but the SE16's 236MB/s peak throughput is impressive nonetheless.

The 640GB SE16 achieves some of the lowest random access times we've seen from a 7,200-RPM hard drive. A 12.8ms access time makes the Caviar nearly a millisecond quicker than the SpinPoint and much faster than Western Digital's GreenPower drives.

Although the Caviar has the highest CPU utilization of the lot, results are within HD Tach's +/- margin of error for this test.