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File Copy Test
File Copy Test is a pseudo-real-world benchmark that times how long it takes to create, read, and copy files in various test patterns. File copying is tested twice: once with the source and target on the same partition, and once with the target on a separate partition. Scores are presented in MB/s.

To make things easier to read, we've busted out our FC-Test results into individual graphs for each test pattern. We'll tackle file creation performance first.

File Copy Test probes performance with sequential transfers, so it's a little surprising to see the SE16 overcome an (albeit small) areal density disadvantage to surpass the SpinPoint F1 with four of five file creation test patterns. Only with the ISO test pattern, which includes a small number of very large files, does the SpinPoint prove faster than the Caviar.

The 640GB Caviar's strong showing continues through FC Test's file read suite. Again, the SE16 leads the pack with four of five test patterns, only losing ground to the SpinPoint F1 with a handful of very large files. Remember that the SpinPoint has 32MB of cache to the Caviar's 16MB, as well.