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IOMeter - Transaction rate
IOMeter's multi-user workloads aren't particularly applicable to notebook environments, but with many rackmount servers switching to 2.5" drives, these tests are more appropriate than you might think.

That's what we call complete and utter dominance. The OCZ and Samsung SSDs crush the mechanical competition here, and with the web server workload, which is made up entirely of read operations, even the MasterDrive lays down a beating. The MX doesn't look so hot with IOMeter's other workloads, though.

If we just consider our mechanical results, the Scorpios are quicker than their Momentus competition with each workload. More striking, however, is the 7200.3's failure to scale performance until we hit more than 32 outstanding I/O requests. That makes the drive even slower than its 5,400-RPM cousin.