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FC-Test - continued
Next, File Copy Test combines read and write tasks with some, er, copy tests.

Copy tests combine read and write operations, and that sends the MasterDrive to the back of the pack again. The battle between machine and memory is closer here, with the Scorpio Black mixing it up at the front of the pack with the SATA II and FlashSSD. Again, the Momentus 7200.3 proves to be the best equipped to handle extremely large files, but it can't catch the Black otherwise. The Momentus 5400.4 does, however, prove to be more competitive with the Scorpio Blue in these file copy tests.

FC-Test's second wave of copy tests involves copying files from one partition to another on the same drive.

When data is split between different partitions, the mechanical drives fall behind their solid-state counterparts across each test pattern. Not even the 7200.3 can make up the difference with the ISO test pattern, although it's not far off the lead.