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iPEAK multitasking
We've developed a series of disk-intensive multitasking tests to highlight the impact of access times and command queuing on drive performance. You can get the low-down on these iPEAK-based tests here. The mean service time of each drive is reported in milliseconds, with lower values representing better performance.

Multitasking stresses random access performance, so it's no wonder the OCZ and Samsung solid-state drives come out on top through this first wave of iPEAK workloads. The MasterDrive doesn't fare that poorly, either, just as long as the workload doesn't include file copy operations, which expose the drive's weak write performance.

Among our mechanical marvels, the 7200.3 makes up some ground on the Black, registering quicker service times with each workload. Even the 5400.4 manages snappier performance than the Blue with a couple of test patterns, but once you throw a VirtualDub import into the mix, the Momentus falls way behind.

The results from our second batch of iPEAK workloads shake out much like those from the first. Nothing can touch the SATA II and FlashSSD here, and while the MasterDrive is occasionally close, it chokes when asked to copy files.

Turning our attention to spinning platters, the Momentus 7200.3 again proves quicker than the Scorpio Black. And the 5400.4 is again faster than the Blue, at least with workloads that avoid a VirtualDub import.