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Rather than use a timedemo, I tested Crysis by playing the game and using FRAPS to record frame rates. Because this way of doing things can introduce a lot of variation from one run to the next, I tested each card in five 60-second gameplay sessions.

When playing, I'm on a hillside in the recovery level having a firefight with six or seven of the bad guys. As before, I've tested at two different settings, with the game's "High" quality presets and with its "Very high" ones, also.

These tests involve manual gameplay, so I wouldn't focus too much on minor performance differences between the cards. For all practical intents, the 4870 X2 ties with the GeForce GTX 280 using Crysis' "high quality" presets. With the "very high" presets, the X2 proves to be a little quicker than the GTX 280. In both cases, the X2 performs very similarly to the Radeon HD 4870 CrossFire dual-card config.