The TR Podcast 14: X2s, X3s, and why more is less

The fastest graphics card on the market, the latest Eee product, backing up your stuff, and how to do Folding@home

Date: Aug 16, 2008
Time: 1:31:28

Hosted by Jordan Drake
Co-Host: Scott Wasson

Guests: Mike Uchima (just brew it!), Jim (farmpuma), Nick (notfred)
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Show notes
Scott and Jordan hold down the fort in this latest episode of the TR Podcast. Our tech discussion starts with a bang. We talk about the Radeon HD 4870 X2, news from Nvidia, and get a podcast exclusive from Scott: Does three-way Radeon HD 4870 Crossfire perform better, the same, or worse than a regular 4870 X2? The tech doesn't stop there. Can the Eee desktop make the same stir as its netbook cousin? Who uses a built-in Wacom on a laptop? And how do you back up your 'gigs of goodies'? The episode finishes with the helpful Nick, Jim, and Mike, who tell us how to do Folding@home.

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Listener mail:

1 gig of RAM for the Radeon HD 4870? (0:02:07) - from JMC:

"Waiting for proper cooling to come out -stock- before I buy. But my question is... Has the time for 1 gig of video ram [for the Radeon HD 4870] arrived yet ***or over next year or two***? I keep my cards a year or two and don't want to be saying, "I sure wish I had spent a little more and gotten the 1 gig model"."

Tech discussion:

    AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics card (0:07:04)- Read more

    Nvidia GPU failure poll – what’s going on with the G92 and G94? (0:21:04)- Read more

    Nvidia posts $121M loss for second quarter (0:28:13)- Read more

    Nvidia launches big box o' workstation GPUs (0:33:06)- Read more

    ASUS's Eee Box B202 small form factor PC (0:37:43)- Read more

    Humongous ThinkPad is a photographer’s dream (0:46:46)- Read more

    How do you back up your gigs of goodies? (0:51:04)- Read more

Forum focus: How to start Folding@home (1:03:57)

That's all, folks! Check back on August 23 for the next TR podcast.TR

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