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HD Tach
We tested HD Tach with the benchmark's full variable zone size setting.

Although it doesn't quite hit the 250MB/s sustained read rate Intel promises, the X25-M manages to post a blistering 229MB/s in HD Tach's average read speed test. That gives the drive a huge lead over the field¬óright up until we test its sustained write performance. Somewhat surprisingly, the X25-M's average write speed eclipses its rated 70MB/s. However, that's only fast enough to stay ahead of our 2.5" mechanical drives, not quite quick enough to catch Samsung's FlashSSD or the cream of the 3.5" desktop crop.

The Intel SSD's burst performance leads the field, but what's more interesting is the fact that the MasterDrive and FlashSSD both fail to muster much more than 100MB/s in this test.

HD Tach doesn't measure seek times down to the microsecond, so the X25-M will have to make do with tying the Samsung drive with a 0.1-millisecond random access time.

The X25-M's CPU utilization is a little higher than the rest here, but keep in mind that HD Tach's margin of error in this test is +/- 2%.