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WorldBench overall performance
WorldBench uses scripting to step through a series of tasks in common Windows applications. It then produces an overall score. WorldBench also spits out individual results for its component application tests, allowing us to compare performance in each. We'll look at the overall score, and then we'll show individual application results.

The X25-M gets off to a good start, scoring higher in WorldBench than any other hard drive we've tested. Samsung's FlashSSD is only one point off the pace, followed by a collection of 3.5" desktop drives.

Multimedia editing and encoding

MusicMatch Jukebox

Windows Media Encoder

Adobe Premiere

VideoWave Movie Creator

In three of four WorldBench multimedia editing and encoding tests, the X25-M turns in the quickest completion times of the lot. With the exception of the MasterDrive, however, all of the contenders we've assembled are pretty close.