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HD Tach
We tested HD Tach with the benchmark's full variable zone size setting.

In HD Tach's sequential throughput drag races, the one-point-five pulls up just short of the 10K-RPM VelociRaptor. That still puts the drive ahead of the rest of the 7,200-RPM field, though.

The Barracuda 7200.11's 32MB of cache memory is the same for the terabyte model as it is for the one-point-five, which puts Seagate's latest a little behind the VelociRaptor in HD Tach's burst speed test.

Switching gears to an access time test, the 1.5TB Barracuda falls to the back of the pack, behind even Western Digital's sub-7,200-RPM GreenPower drives. Note, also, that the one-point-five's random access time is more than two milliseconds slower than that of the terabyte 7200.11.

The results of HD Tach's CPU utilization test are well within the app's +/- 2% margin of error for this test.