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File Copy Test
File Copy Test is a pseudo-real-world benchmark that times how long it takes to create, read, and copy files in various test patterns. File copying is tested twice: once with the source and target on the same partition, and once with the target on a separate partition. Scores are presented in MB/s.

To make things easier to read, we've separated our FC-Test results into individual graphs for each test pattern. We'll tackle file creation performance first.

Areal density doesn't seem to be doing much for the 1.5TB Barracuda with our first batch of FC-Test workloads. In this first wave of file creation tests, the one-point-five is painfully slow, languishing at the back of the field behind even Hitachi's original 7K1000. At least the 1.5TB 7200.11 is faster than the terabyte model, but that's not saying much here.

Perhaps Seagate has simply biased the drive towards reads over writes, because when we switch to FC-Test's read speed tests, the 1.5TB Barracuda puts on a show. It's the fastest drive in the bunch with the install, ISO, and MP3 workloads, and second only to the VelociRaptor with the remaining two. In fact, with the ISO workload, which is made up of a small number of very large files, the one-point-five eclipses 120MB/s.