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A new socket, package, and chipset
Obviously, with all of the changes built into the Core i7, retaining compatibility with Intel's existing LGA775 socket was out of the question. In its place, Intel has introduced the new LGA1366-style socket with, tada, more pins. Betcha can't guess how many.

Anyhow, this new chip socket and package demands a few pictures, so here you are...

The Core i7 processor

From left to right: An LGA775-style Core 2 processor, a Core i7, and a Socket AM2-based Phenom

A Core i7 mounted in Intel's DX58S0 motherboard

A close-up of the new LGA1366 socket

As you can see, the Core i7's new package is relatively large, as these things go. I'd expect a different, smaller socket and package for future mainstream Core i7 derivates.